Has Sextortion on a public platform affected you?, Ajeet Gunwant Parse explains the methods of rescue to protect yourself.

With the digital evolution, cyber thugs are extorting people through sexual blackmailing i.e. sextortion. It refers to the act of blackmailing an individual with sexual recordings, nude pictures, and other private content captured using a webcam, mobile, or video call.

We meet thousands of people on social media every day but their true identity is unknown as what everyone claims about themselves, is unverified. Technological advancements have also favored cybercrime activities, which primarily involve sexual threats

This world is extremely strange with a lot of strange happenings frequently. A couple of days back, there was news that a boy has ended his life by committing suicide by watching a nude video of a girl on Facebook. But in reality, both the boy and the girl were nude on the video call. The girl made a recording of the same and threatened the boy to pay her money or else she will reveal the video to the family member and that she would sue him

These situation turns out to be challenging for the police and cyber police to trace out the real culprit. Ajeet Gunwant Parse, the social media expert, has shared some special tips to warn people and prevent them from becoming a part of such crimes.

He said that the introduction of the Internet of Things has made hacking and sextortion easier as any electronic device connected to the Internet can be easily tapped or hacked.

He added that there have been multiple cases in the past, from which it has come noticed that hackers were able to access the mobile camera and turn it on without the knowledge of the user.

How to avoid this?

Parse recommends people have strong passwords for their mobile and social media handles rather than easily guessable passwords. He says that people are not aware of the negative impacts that social media might have on users. Therefore people should be bold enough to take any sort of online threats, to the police without any second thought so that the crime would not be repeated in the future.

What does it mean by sextortion?

Sextortion has become a word that we hear very frequently and that is due to increased cybercrimes related to sex. Sextortion refers to the act of blackmailing an individual by capturing nude and sexual content through a webcam, mobile camera, etc. This is increasing in India too. College and School students, celebrities, and politicians have been the victim of the same.

What to get away with sextortion?

1. Avoid visiting porn sites

2. While surfing through the net, visit only secure sites

3. If there is any security warning with any site, avoid using them

4. If you are connecting with strangers, make sure to screen the profile thoroughly before becoming friends.

5. Be bold to escalate the cyber crimes to the police immediately

Where does it get started? The seed for sextortion is the profiles of women. It all gets started with uploading tempting pictures to attract unnecessary attention. This later grows up as short conversations, calls, and text messages. Then it extends into video chatting, where the real problem begins. Nude and sexual calls are recorded and later used against the victim to fetch benefits like money, expensive products, etc

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