Healthy Skin and Makeup Options with Simi Abhijith from Simi’s Makeover Studio.

Curious to know what this article is about? I have recently been with Simi Abhijith, the Founder/Director of Simi’s Makeover Studio (OPC) Private Limited. As you have, I, too, was a bit sceptical about the facts and information about makeup and skincare.

Simi Abhijith has been so kind to give me a brief insight into makeup and skincare.

She said that it was not easy. It takes a long time to learn how to do makeup and skincare naturally. If you don’t believe it, give it a try. She is one of the top Makeup Artists in Chennai with Lakme “A” Grade Certified in Makeup and Skincare. Simi is a well-known Beauty Therapist too.

Simi Abhijith is certified as one of the best makeup artists in Chennai with renowned International Makeup Artist Mr Kennedy Hoffman.

Simi’s Makeover Studio is proud to be the first three finalists under Excellence in Healthcare and Wellness of the Year 2021 awarded by Vyapaar Jagat Convention and Awards 2021.

I thought to share some points that we discussed with her and what she feels about Makeovers and Skincare.

What is your background, and how did you come up with the idea of Simi’s Makeover Studio?

I have been in the beauty and wellness profession for over the past 14 years as a passion, serving my family and relatives.

Simi’s Makeover Studio was founded in 2019. I am pursuing my passion as a business profession to help reach many aspirants. I have done Makeup and Skincare Services for many events and family occasions. Special occasions, weddings, proms, and others. I am helping brides, bridegrooms, bridesmaids, fashion, photoshoots, and all beauty aspirants on their special day.

Why do we need Makeup?

Makeup simply is the way people perceive you. When you learn how to apply it rightly, you can totally change how they see you and your life. That can have a positive effect on your self-esteem. 

By changing the way someone looks, you can change the way they feel.

Why did you venture onto Skincare?

Taking the Lakme Advanced Skincare Training was an extreme step, as in due course, I realised Makeup and Skincare go together in making that perfect and flawless appearance.

It was a life-changing experience. It has made me more confident. It’s important to know how much it can enhance your look. Thanks to the training, I covered many concepts like skincare routine for skin types, reducing acne marks, reducing scars, and learned how to maintain the skin’s glow!

What Services do you offer?

Our Main services include Advanced – Makeup, Hairstyling, Saree Draping, and Skincare. Bridal makeup and pre-bridal is my special area of expertise. 

We also do Makeup and Skincare Consultation and Training Services, which I believe has helped many achieve their makeup and skincare goals.

Do you have advanced Treatments in Skincare?

Yes, we do. We have earned a good reputation in skincare with multiple clients opting for our services with numerous sittings.

Other best treatments, mostly pre-bridals, include Lactic Peel Treatment, Glycolic Peel Treatment, Anti-Tan Treatment, Anti-Acne Treatment, Anti-Ageing Treatment, Anti-Pigmentation Treatment, and Skin Lightening and Brightening Treatments.

How do you ensure your customer satisfaction?

I am happy that I can give recommendations, for both cosmetic and natural remedies, on their concerns specific to their skin. My in-depth advanced training and certification from Lakme have benefited me the most.

Also, customer feedback is handled in 3 ways in our company.

1. After any services, we allow clients to speak about the service offered. (published in social media)

2. A review link to the business profile is provided and requested for genuine feedback.

3. A customer satisfaction survey form is made available to all clients for feedback and recommendations.

Do you carry out Learning & Development activities?

My staff employees and I are by far the best in trend. Our professionals participate in 

1. Beauty industry-related councils like B&WSSC for safety and updates

2. Beauty workshops

3. Frequent in-trend online courses.

Our recent December Masterclass training and Certification with renowned Makeup Artist Mr Kennedy Hoffman associated with the Kolors Cosmetics in New Delhi is a perfect example and a long-lasting dream come true.

Wrapping up my Opinion

Simi’s experience and expertise will give you an immense advantage and help you achieve your best skin and makeup goals. Her qualifications and achievements are truly exceptional. She has this unique ability to connect with you, inspire, and help you make a real difference in your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact her as soon as you read this article, and DM a consultation to know about your skin and makeup recommendations in more detail.

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