Hitikaa Vaishali : Journey from #Theysaid to #Theyadore.


“You Look like a Mom to your Mother”

“Is your bicycle able to carry your weight”

“Have you seen yourself naked in mirror, you have 3 tyres”

“Wear anything, anyways you will look like a buffalo”

“No one will ever make you his girlfriend or wife, you look ugly”



“We knew you will do something big one day”

“You look so confident and strong”

“How you bring so much courage”

“You choose a total different path, please guide us”

“You can only understand us, we need your Motivation”

“You are like a Life coach to us, help us”

This is how the story of Hitikaa Vaishali started, now an accomplished Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Healer and a Motivator. Based out of Ghaziabad, U.P. Currently, she has been into the occult world from last 7 years and with that she has total 9 years of corporate Experience.

She is an MBA in Marketing and HR and in 2012 started her corporate career as a Sales Executive and Left the Corporate World as Vice President Sales for her passion and enthusiasm for the Divine.

During her corporate course she was fascinated by numbers on date of birth and how sometime the vibes of certain people matches instantly. Looking and seeing at the pattern, she discovered that certain DOB people get associated effortlessly and the equation becomes astounding. This is how her celestial journey began being in job.

But, it was not a delightful or composed path for her, Let’s reverse to #Theysaid.

She shared her life story from her early days of school and college, where she has fought Anxiety, Mood Swings, desires to finish her life and much more for being body Shammed for her weight and also being embarrassed in public 100s of time.

Someone rightly said “When you are judged by your appearance it doesn’t define you, instead it defines the person who is judging you”

Vaishali Jain aka Hitikaa Vaishali, she was a chubby child since her childhood but as she grew she has been called by names where her self esteem and confidence was broken into pieces, she told that she was called, dholak, chota hathi, tub, bhais, saand and much more.

 At the age of 14, at her relatives place in Ghaziabad, some neighbour son aged 24 called her aunty and all standing near even  her relatives were embarrassed and was laughing, immediately her mom was told to lock all eatable items inside a locked almirah and let her starve whole day and give only 1 roti a day to loose weight. Not only her morale was shattered but she started hating herself and unknowingly she started excessive eating as that gave her serenity and calmed her anxiety. 

She told us, At today’s scenario when Science and Mental Health is given so priority, that over eating is nothing but an eating disorder which is of multiple type and hers was binge eating disorder came due to anxiety for a very long time, which discovered very late and obliviously she had no clue earlier, this not only caused her many health problems but also she became extremely emotional weak person.

With her age growing she became used to those comments and tears and to hide all of it she said “fat people are like this only, they are fragile, they cry lot”, whereas she was alone fighting her crusade with no support from anywhere and kept searching for someone to hold her and say “You are beautiful, I see your innocence” and with due course of time she made this neglected and distress feeling her biggest power and then rest is history.

She Says, In today’s world everybody is trying to fix the other person flaws, anxiety, depression by saying, are haso yaar, dosto se milo, what is all this anxiety and depression, kuch nahi hua hai tumhe, Drink some Water and Listen Music, Exercise and do Meditation, all will be fine.

God! Everyone is trying to become a doctor but no one is ready to understand the root cause, well, how really they can when they themself is the cause of it!!

They really don’t try to see the picture behind, instead of taking out weakness in someones body, color or lifestyle,

Why don’t they try to shape there own culture,

Why don’t they stop pressurizing to change,

Why to dominate anyone for doing anything,

Why they try not to bring toxicity in any relationship,

Why the judgemental relatives or neighbors or colleagues or peers or our so called #sophisticated society can change,


Hitikaa Vaishali after fighting all the combat of body shamming, anxiety, loneliness and Emotional Breakdown, is still developing and attaining new skills and is into a profession which not only helps in knowing about your fortune but also helps people get over there anxiety and agony of past and today she has consulted more then 1000s of people, not only with tarot but she also became a confidant to many as she truly affirm “You only need one candle to light thousands” All you need is one person to listen to you, no need for many.

One thing she trusts that, “The body, The Color, The Weight or Height, nothing represents you, what characterizes you is your triumph, Your courage to face the world, your Charm which is in your heart and above all your spirit which is solid as rock and light as water, when the storm comes it stands like a rock and when the flood comes it streams like water”

So with that affirmation at last, don’t conceive on what #TheySaid rather do something incredible which #TheyAdore.

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Jai Maa Bhairvi

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