HOME IN THE CITY   – A concept that is helping the community of bright young minds by bringing convenience and peace of mind!

For the parent whose child is planning to study far away from home, the most crucial concern that plagues their mind is- WHERE WILL MY CHILD STAY?

For the student who opts to study in a distant too, city the concerns are multiple. HOW WILL MY STAY BE? WHO WILL I STAY WITH? WILL IT BE SAFE? WHAT WILL IT COST? All these are so interlinked and equally important, that addressing one concern cannot come at the cost of another.

A  one-stop brick and mortar answer to all these questions is HOME IN THE CITY-a highly professional, well managed hostel stay, or shall we call it HOMESTEL stay, in the city of Dehradun.


Says Dinesh Rao, Founder Director Home in the City – “As an education hub, Dehradun has a large catchment of students, and offers a truly great opportunity to provide a superior service product. . It has several leading Universities based here – ICFAI, UPES, Graphic Era, DIT, IMS, Uttaranchal University and coaching institutes – Allen Career, Aakash, Vidyamandir. A complete eco-system around student needs has evolved – accommodation, boarding/catering, transportation, leisure etc.”

Creating a living experience where every little thing is about making students’ needs a priority.

Why sacrifice living comfort in the race to fulfill aspirations and ambitions?

With this as a thought, Home in the City has created a safe and comfortable haven for Gen Z and Millennials to achieve the key objectives of STAYING & STUDYING.

It intends to create a close-knit community of bright, young minds pursuing professional courses.

The HITC facilities catering to multiple segments has options of private and shared rooms.  The highlights of the STUDENT HOSTEL, that has separate facilities for boys and girls, are –

•           Comfortable beds in well fitted, fully furnished rooms– soft furnishings, book shelf, reading lamps, study table, wardrobes, adequate power sockets and large common spaces.

•           Large facilities having 60+ beds which means bigger communities and lesser loneliness.

•           Strong focus on security, women safety and privacy in every aspect.

•           Completely tech connected- to enable students get to access to all valid and complete information on the bed / facility / neighbors before moving in.

•           Smart app- to facilitate almost instant fulfillment of service requests, billings, payments etc.

•           A professional team- full time service staff to respond to any need.

•           Strong SOPs and operational controls in place.

The entire living complex has been created with an “easing the life of the learner” approach- leveraging insights about their needs and aesthetic sensibilities of the youth[TRR1] .

HOME IN THE CITY – Creating new benchmarks in accessing and experiencing a life away from home for young knowledge seekers

The team of well experienced professionals who are in charge of managing the operations, and all key management members are completely invested in the success of this project and in meeting the needs of the residents. Commenting on the way forward Dinesh Rao said “Enhancing the website, booking engine, payment gateway and embedding the mobile app that is ready and being tested are key milestones. A Progressive Web App (PWA) is being developed and tested as the next version. Our technology will enable us to interact with students and their guardians on a real time basis, thus, enabling us to refine our service on an ongoing basis.” 

 [TRR1]We can think of another word instead of “young generation”/”youth” too.

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