India’s First National Beauty Pageant For All Fraternity Female Doctors

On Tuesday 11th June 2024 At North Goa ,Indian First National Beauty Pageant For all Fraternity Female Doctors was Successfully Organised by The Dream Studio Ventures

The Medico Diva National Medico Beauty Pageant For Female Doctors is not merely a Spectacle of Glamour, it’s a platform designed to Honour the Multifaceted brilliance of all Female Medical Professionals. It’s an opportunity to show their dedication, talent and grace beyond the boundaries of the operating room.

In this National Medico Pageant, Doctors enthusiasts participated from Across the India. 150 Female Doctors gave the Audition, 21 State Finalists got selected as Representative, Here are the names of Finalist of DSV Miss India Medico Diva-
Dr Suman(Haryana), Dr Neha Dahiya (Haryana), Dr Pallavi Tamgade(Nagpur, Maharashtra ), Dr Surbhi Palewar(Maharashtra ) ,Dr Sanskruti Jagtap (Maharashtra )Dr Ieba (Shillong,Meghalaya),Dr Trupti (Pune, Maharashtra),Dr Taniya (Goa)
In DSV Mrs India Medico Diva under 40 category- Dr Rasika Akulwar(Nagpur, Maharashtra ), Dr Sucheta Saha (Kolkatta,West Bengal), Dr Seema Sakhare (Maharashtra), Dr Monika Pettewar (Maharashtra ), Dr Kuheli Bhattacharya (Goa), Dr Anjana (Uttar Pradesh)and
DSV Mrs Grand India Medico Diva Category above 40-
Dr. Sarita Pradhan (Haryana), Dr Renuka Honnalli (Goa), Dr Prathima Radhakrishnan (Karnataka ), Dr Neelu (Punjab), Dr Mridu Gupta (Delhi), Dr Rajashree(Mumbai, Maharashtra ) Dr Madhu Arora (Haryana)

Three Days Events scheduled at North Goa-
Day one Welcome Ceremony & Orientation-
Day Two Photoshoot & Cultural Night and Pre Finale and
Day three Grand Finale.

The Event was started with the National Anthem with all state Representatives. After the National anthem Dr. Archana Pandey Jumle was Crowned as Official DSV Mrs India Medico Diva Brand Ambassador 2024

All female Doctors walked for Dignity with the stethoscope and doctor costume.

All Finalists Groomed by Dr. Vartika Patil & Dr. Rozina Rana & Sohel Sheikh

Event judged by Dr. Anamika Singh, Dr Archana Jumle, Dr Gurpreet Kaur, Dipawali Chaudhary, Vimla Pappu and Dr Poonam Mandan

Chief Guests were Dr. Sachin Danai, Rekha Bhongade, and Ramesh Borkute and Vaishali Yeskade

VIP Guests were Dr Sameer Joshi, Mr Sumit Sanskriti, Ritu Singh Chauhan

Pageant outfits designed by Sarla Pandey and makeup Hair by Orane International Goa and Photography by Mr Tushar & Mr Fardeen

All contestants wore beautiful jewellery from Anusaya Beauty world Nagpur

The Event was hosted by very famous Anchor Niraj Malewar

Event Supported by Mr. Sumit Sanskriti, Ananya Ayurveda and Mr Ramesh Borkute.

DSV Ms India Medico Diva Season 02 Winners are
Dr. Rasika Akulwar, ( Mrs India)
Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan(Mrs Grand India)
Dr.Ibamedabha( Miss India)

International winners are Dr. Mridu Gupta & Dr Taniya Naik

And Runner-up are Dr. Neelu Gupta, Dr Madhu Arora in Mrs Grand India category, Dr Trupti in Miss India and Dr Kuheli Bhattacharya and Dr Sucheta Saha in Mrs India category and Dr Surbhi Palewar won DSV Miss India Medico Diva super Model 2024.

Their are special categories winner Social Queen Dr Renuka Honnalli from Goa , Best National Costume Dr. Mridu Gupta from Delhi and Dr Neha Dahiya won the most popular Face on social media. Dr.Sarita Pradhan won DSV Mrs India Medico Diva Stylish Diva

The Event Organized by Sohel Sheikh. Special Thanks to Dr. Archana Pandey Jumle and Anurita Dholakia for strong support

Event coordinators are Kalyani Jaiswal, kashmiri Meshram, Smita Kaur, Diksha Patel, Anant Yeskade , Sanket.

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