Kolkata based entrepreneurs succeed in the least tapped business market of pet care supplies and healthcare services.

Pets are the all time favorites of human beings. They are our company both in our happiest and saddest moments. Some people even go to the extent of carrying them wherever they go. That’s the height of affection and care they have towards their pets. However, they need special care and different nourishment. They cannot be fed with what you eat and drink daily. There are many things to be taken care of in order to maintain your pets.

It becomes crucial when it comes to maintaining the good health of pets. That too dogs and cats are very sensitive in terms of health. Good health is maintained when you feed them with good food. Many pet stores and clinics have sprung up like mushrooms these days because the need for pet nourishment and health care clinics have become crucial like never before.

Kushal Paul and Amit Nandy utilized this opportunity and started the pet supply store and clinic. They have been working through their brand Loyal Pet Zone for more than 9 years by providing the possible service in Kolkata and other surrounding areas.  But the story of their beginning dates back to the year 2014.

Yes. That was the time when the awareness about pets and food was not that much. Pet owners had to struggle to get the proper food items for their pets. There were not proper health facilities particularly related to pets in the Kolkata region. So Kishal and Amit came up with an idea of starting a pet supply store and health care services. They officially opened their Loyal Pet Zone in 2014 in Howrah, West Bengal.

Though Kushal comes from BTech background and Amit from law background, their struggle of maintaining the pets and understanding the gap in the market pushed them to take up this venture. When they started their first branch there were hardly 2-3 pet supply stores in Kolkata and Howrah. Hence their goal was to supply the pet products that are rarely found in the market. So they started providing the best service to the pet owners.

As the structure of marketing was changing, Loyal Pet Zone was also opening towards the changes. Sailing through the wind, Amit and Kushal thought of carrying their business to e-commerce mode and giving an online touch.

As they had 2 years of experience in the sector, they knew the ins and outs of the market. So they took necessary steps to market their business. They successfully joined major ecommerce brands like Amazon and Flipkart to supply their products in 2014. Meanwhile they also launched their own online store at www.loyalpetzone.com.

But even after placing their products on ecommerce platforms, it seemed like they were encountering a few problems as they were charging huge commissions to deliver their products. So they started concentrating on their own online store portal. They began providing good service through that only.

Meanwhile as the pet owners are increasing considerably, Loyal Pet Zone has also included providing pet health care and medicines. In 2016 they started serving customers directly from their online stores at their website. Now quite recently, in 2022 they also launched their android and iOS app. So that the pet owners can access their products and services at their convenience. They also acquired the drug license in 2017 for their shops to fulfill the veterinary prescriptions for their buyers. It was a remarkable step in growing their business where they didn’t look back from there.

Kushal and Amit are also planning to expand their offline presence in Eastern Indian cities like Guwahati, Siliguri and Patna. They are also taking up the various ecommerce fulfillment services from the likes of shiprocket and amazon. So that they can store products  locally and provide same-day deliveries at most urban places in India.

While there are a lot of pet supply stores in every corner of all the cities of the country, very few have the range of medicines, supplements and other products as they do. But Kushal assures that if they don’t find any veterinary medicine or supplementary anywhere, they can try the Loyal Pet Zone once. Their extensive collection of veterinary medicines  help them fulfill prescriptions 100% most of the time. If people can’t visit their offline store, they can order the medicines from them by mailing their prescriptions on help@loyalpetzone.com or just by sending it on WhatsApp on 974841201.

According to the revenue reports of 2022 they have combined sales of worth more Rs. 2 crores except the healthcare services. Their business model started as a bootstrapped one as they didn’t want the investors to invest in their business at that time. Because they doubted the possibilities of maintaining their current profitability in an attempt to generate more revenue when their business will be backed by any investor and scaling up quicker than necessary. Providing excellent services no matter what business sector you’re serving in becomes more important. Pet services industry is least bothered when compared to the other. So there are more business opportunities. There is always a good demand for any service or product which brings good results in society

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