Masterstroke Salon and Academy is Training Beauty and Wellness Experts.

The beauty and Wellness industry is dynamic and ever-changing. With the evolution of time, the fashion and self-care industry has grown multi-fold. People focus on themselves, especially skin and hair. Masterstroke Salon and Academy is an initiative by a team of industry experts who are active in this field with their years of experience and skill. The Masterstroke Academy has produced leading makeup artists, hair stylists and skincare experts. Within three months of its inception, Masterstroke Academy had 50 plus enrolments from across the nation. They also have students from Kolkata, Bhopal, Kota, and B Town cities. 

Masterstroke Salon and Academy is based out of New Delhi, India. Our team interviewed Pooja Kohli. She shares her experience and insights about Masterstroke Salon and Academy.

Q: What is Masterstroke Salon and Academy, and what makes it different from all the other existing salons or academies?

A: Masterstroke Salon and Academy is a salon that meets all the needs of health & wellness, fashion etc. Masterstroke was established with the aim to provide these services at pocket-friendly rates by experts. What makes us different from others is our staff. All the trainers and professionals that are working with Masterstroke have over 20 years of experience in the field, and not only do they provide quality, but they make sure that you get what is best for you and your skin. 

Q: Masterstroke Salon and Masterstroke Academy are the two sub-brands that are established by Masterstroke. What are the services that are offered by you under them?

A: Yes, Masterstroke Salon and Masterstroke Academy are two different services. If I talk about salon first, we provide customer service and ensure that they get the best from us. There are a variety of services that are offered by us, that includes services like Anti-aging treatment, Laser Hair Reduction. We also deal with hair and skin concerns, medicated facials. We are also a leading firm in beauty and grooming where we provide services like permanent makeup, bridal makeup, nail and lashes etc. Masterstroke Salon holds expertise in solving all the skin concerns and giving the skin glow it deserves.

Masterstroke Academy is a skill-based education and learning platform. We provide courses into Hair, Makeup, Skin, Cosmetology, Laser and Aesthetics, Permanent Makeup, Nails and Lashes and much more. We train people who are interested in this field and give them the best education. Other courses include Hair Technology & Modern Hair Styling, Cosmetology, Makeup, Nail & Eyelash Extension, Nutrition, Aesthetics and Beauty & Grooming.

Q: How do you train students or learners that are interested in taking up the courses?

A: We currently have our running academy in New Delhi, New Friends Colony. Our experts train them with their skill knowledge and the world-class facilities which are available here. The courses that we offer are designed, structured and created by professionals keeping in mind the trend and fashion that is in the market. The industry relevance and trend plays a massive role in our learning-teaching process. All the courses’ content is aligned to international learning standards with extensive hands-on. We frequently organise workshops, teaching concepts, theory and training students practically.

We have over 50 courses that are designed in sync with international standards. Not just this, but we offer both online and offline training to our students with special attention and mentorship for ease of learning. We also have a unique initiative of Student Salon, via which students can earn and learn simultaneously.

This was in conversation with Pooja Kohli. She shared her experience and things about Masterstroke Salon and Academy. During COVID-19, the salon was adversely affected like any other business, but now they’re getting back on track. They say Masterstroke Academy is on the mission to provide skill education and is recession-free, i.e., robots or Artificial Intelligence cannot do bridal makeup or hair cut; hence human hand is always required.

You can book your appointment for a demo class with Masterstroke Salon Academy via; or reach our directly 9090919076

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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