Meet Shubh Srivastava – The founder of Cloutstations

The workforce is changing in terms of its organizational structure. Specialization was key in the first half of the 20th century. The success stories of multifaceted entrepreneurs who have used their strength, will, and determination to conquer the business world have been a special sight to witness in recent years. One such name is Shubh Srivastava, who has played a significant role in elevating the digital marketing sector. With his creativity, passion, and expertise in the field, he seeks to increase every brand’s awareness of its online presence.

In addition to being the CEO and Founder of the digital marketing company CLOUTSTATIONS, Shubh Srivastava is one of the most well-known and young digital entrepreneurs in India. He is also an expert at assisting others with their businesses. Top brands and celebrities use the lucrative digital marketing services offered by the firm Cloutstations, which he owns.Shubh Srivastava is also a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and social media Influencer in addition to being an entrepreneur.Success comes from hard work, and Shubh Srivastava as a multifaceted personality has expanded his commercial potential into a variety of creative arenas and serves as the prime example of this.

Claim to Fame – Shubh Srivastava

  • Felicitated with the title of second runner-up as Mr. Prayagraj in 2019
  • Best Face of Prayagraj 2019
  • Influencer of Himalayan Organics

ShubhSrivastava as a graphic designer is best known for his book covers, posters, and album covers. His appealing visuals, clear ideas, increased visibility, and increased credibility drive traffic to many brands, an increase in traffic that leads to more opportunities.Young social media influencer Shubh Srivastava motivates young people to make positive decisions and inspires them to do so.

Needless to say, Numerous individuals in India’s innovation ecosystem are constantly experimenting with new opportunities, improving upon those that already exist, and so forth. However, very few business owners have mastered the skill of dipping their toes in several vertices and sticking with them. Shubha Srivastava is one of them; by bringing innovation to his professional life, he is one who has achieved the pinnacle. Shubh Srivastava toiled for 12 hours a day before reaching the pinnacle of his career, and the effort has eventually paid off.

Shubh Srivastava was confident when he started his own social media Digital Marketing firm Cloutstations, thanks to his skills, knowledge, and passion that helped him build a good number of clients not just in India but all across the world.


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