Mission Director Prof. Mohd Ossama awarded for Entrepreneurship Development & Business Leadership.

Mission Director Prof. Mohd Ossama awarded for contribution to Entrepreneurship/Business Leadership by Bharat Business House, India. 

Bharat Business House awarded certificate of appreciation to Prof. Mohd Ossama for long and outstanding contribution to the spirit of entrepreneurship development in India in July 2024. Prof. Md Ossama is a senior management teacher, award winning writer and empanelled startup mentor and also an advisor to many startups in Lucknow.

India No. 1 Economy Mission shall propel Indian workforce towards a comprehensive Developed India and Global leadership in Business Operations.

India No.1 Economy Mission vision document conceptualized by Prof. Mohd Ossama said –India remains a bright spot in the global market and world economy, it is a massive major economy and moving ahead with great pace and it has vast demographic dividend supporting India’s aspirations. Moving ahead with the times, from 1947, it has moved a vast way and gained various milestones and today it is regarded as a world power. India supports peaceful and rules based multilateral world order and also champion the interest of the developing nations. With every estimate, India will sooner or later become 3 rd, 2nd and perhaps 1st rated major economy. Indian aspirations are high, youth is becoming skilled and online revolution and digital transformation is making India march ahead. Physical and digital public infrastructure and a stable ecosystem make Indian market a cherished one.”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said in one his speech- “Transforming the nation into a Developed Country- Five areas in combination have been identified based on India’s core competence; natural resources and talented manpower for integrated action to double the growth rate of GDP and realize the Vision of Developed India. These are (1) Agriculture and food processing – with a target of doubling the present production of food and agricultural products by 2020. Agro food processing industry would lead to the prosperity of rural people, food security and speed up the economic growth (2) Infrastructure with reliable and quality electric power including solar farming for all parts of the country, Providing Urban amenities in Rural Areas (PURA) and Interlinking of Rivers (3) Education and Healthcare – to provide social security and eradication of illiteracy and health for all (4) Information and Communication Technology(ICT) – this is one of our core competencies and wealth generator. ICT can be used for Tele-Education, Tele-Medicine and E-Governance to promote education in remote areas, healthcare and also transparency in the administration. (5) Critical technologies and Strategic industries witnessed the growth in nuclear technology, space technology and defence technology. These five areas are closely inter-related.”

Prof. Mohd Ossama has extensively contributed in business development of startups in Lucknow and motivated many young minds towards mind to market approach to evolve a wealth creating effectively managed business ecosystem.

Prof. Mohd Ossama has taught at various educational institutions and Universities, like Pratap University, Jaipur and Integral University, Lucknow. He has taught thousands of students in courses like B.com, BBA, BCA, MBA etc. He has taught many subjects and trained many executives.

He believes education should liberate minds, transform lives, create ideas that change the world and create future leaders. Education should have values and ethics. As a writer of 15 books, Prof. Mohd Ossama has taught students morality, wisdom and knowledge.

Prof. Mohd Ossama was awarded Sahitya Prabhakar Samman in National Book Fair in 2019. Prof. Mohd Ossama have taught and spoken on many Indian subjects. He has spoken many times on India, Indian Ethos and Indian Dream.

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