Model Ruchika Kapur’s Inspiring Journey from the Corporate World to Modelling Ramp

Many little girls dream of walking on the stage as fashion models; however, only a few get to fulfill that dream. A lot of them get lost amidst other career choices or give up under the pressure of family expectations. Some years ago, Model Ruchika Kapur was also in a similar phase. She gave up to peer pressure and joined the corporate world after completing college. While she had chosen a different path and was excelling at it, there was always a hidden desire to follow her dream. Little did she know that childbirth would open her avenues, and she’d make it big in her dream industry one day.

Ruchika is a resident of Gurgaon and is the doting mother of a 5-year-old princess. When Ruchika quit her corporate job, she wanted to focus on parenting and raising her daughter in the best way possible. She later realized that she had to teach her daughter about the importance of ambition. It is then that she decided she had to honor her dreams that were beyond the 9-5 grind. She spread her wings in a field that seemed inaccessible but fascinated her the most. She admits that her passion, dedication, and determination gave her strength. Her optimistic approach and versatility helped her on her journey to success as a model.

Ruchika’s friends and family know her as a calm yet motivated person who doesn’t take part in gossip. This trait has also helped her establish a positive image in the industry. She takes pride in her minimalistic and fuss-free approach to everything in life. Right from make-up and outfits to shopping, Ruchika never goes overboard. She describes herself as a god-fearing person and believes that her faith is her greatest strength.

We are in awe of her amazing management skills, and the way she balances the household and her profession are commendable. She, however, gives this credit to her encouraging family, helpful husband, and ever-so-understanding and adjusting daughter, who makes it a lot easier for her to balance.

Ruchika’s journey has been tumultuous to an extent. She ran across various ups and downs in her life, however, eventually, she came out on top with immense learning and her commendable success turned out to be a live example with a befitting reply to those who always felt she couldn’t rise high at the top of her career.

She has many achievements in her name, and they include her being crowned as Mrs. Glamorous Queen 2019.  She did more than 50 shoots with renowned brands like Odhni world, ShizzB, Rudrakshri, and many more. She’s featured on the cover of coveted Shades of India magazine & recently hosted a glittering Woman’s Day event at TFR Retro House Club in Gurgaon. She is also the brand ambassador of naario India, polka dot outfitters, and TFR retro house, @style_beaats and has appeared as a special guest or member of the jury at various events. She thinks that the most special among these were the music albums that she appeared in. Ruchika strived for six years and received her Prabhakar degree in vocal music. She has done singing projects for All India Radio and ETC Punjabi in the past.

She wishes to take up more modeling contracts with renowned brands in the future and grow as a supermodel. We wish her luck and hope that she achieves all her desires. You can follow her on Instagram –

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