My Journey- Jyoti Dadlani- Psychologist, POSH Enabler, Relationship Expert at Cerebro Vocational Planet, Dadasaheb Phalke Cine and Social Award????

 My journey as a Psychologist and Corporate trainer started in this tiny one-room where I used to get 1 or 2 clients max, I invested all my savings in my business with HOPE. I also remember my first Client, Dalmia College, who introduced me to a larger audience.

As my business flourished, I touched the lives of more than 10,000 people, from teenagers & homemakers to professionals & corporates. I have found my voice and confidence; and most importantly, I have found a meaningful way to help people.

As a child, I was part of a nuclear family, most of my childhood memory, I remember is that of hospitals as my father was suffering from a heart problem and amnesia, in which you don’t remember any part of your family. My mother was in hospital most of the time as well & I used to be alone at home. I never had any friends. For as long as I remember I was a timid child scared to share my feelings with others or make new friends.

 As a grown-up, shouldering the responsibilities came on early. I started working immediately after my Graduation. Gradually, my mom succumbed to Dementia along with multi-tissue disorder. Her health kept deteriorating. She was bedridden & suffered for two long years. 

During the time I spent in the hospital, I realized there are more people like me who require help and support to cope with emotional distress. Gradually, I started talking to patients’ relatives. I felt empathy for them. The ability to make them smile gave me immense happiness. That inspired me to complete my MS in Psychology & evoked my journey of empowering people. I started connecting with people & I strongly believe that ‘you, yourself hold the key to your happiness.’

My compassion for people has brought me a long way in my career. My core philosophy in dealing with clients is quite lucid. I believe every individual has the power to create a better life and gain victory over unhappiness. Love yourself, respect yourself because if u cannot do it then no one else will.

The next pitstop was the POSH Act. A Prevention Of Sexual Harassment at Workplace for Women. So many sexual harassment cases are not reported with the fear of retaliation or a belief that nothing would change or even due to the absence of a clear definition of sexual harassment at workplace. 

The POSH Act gives women rights against any act of sexual harassment at their workplace. I was determined to spread awareness about POSH & included it in my core areas. I now help companies with POSH Compliance which includes things right from Drafting the Policy, Employee Awareness Trainings to Filing the Annual Return. I am also an external member of IC for 16 well-known companies & help them with complaint handling and reviewing of annual reports.

In furtherance of spreading more awareness about the POSH Act, I started writing blogs to reach out to more people. My blogs have been published on various platforms like Fox Interviewer, Entrepreneur Stories & many more.

The biggest challenge of my professional journey was the outbreak of COVID-19. Every aspect of life, personal & professional was changing. Apart from the household changes, the struggle from offline to online was real. 

Training a room full of 100 people to train people in front of a screen was no joke. But the consistency & feedback from my clients helped me get over this change. I can proudly say that I have taken more than 50 online trainings & helped many individuals & corporates cope with difficult times.

So, today when you see me conducting workshops for 1000s, or have an online counselling session, it is not an overnight success.” It took many years of dedication and hard work to achieve this level of success.

As a token of my outstanding work, I have bagged various awards. One of them is the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Cine & Social Award for my contribution to spreading awareness for the prevention of sexual harassment. And also, other awards from the MUMO Committee in the field of psychology, a trophy for external work at Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College, Chief Guest to the FAMILIES ANONYMOUS, keynote speaker at Thought Leadership Summit & awards at WEE.

To conclude, I would say that it’s the unique combination of coaching, training & therapy that allows me to focus on the bigger picture of an Individual’s potential, performance & wellbeing, in ways no one else can.

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