Rajbari Tea – Tea of Bihar

Bihar tea plays a noteworthy role in the growing Indian Tea Industry. The tea you consume today in the local shop or at home is likely to have a blend from Bihar. The thousands of acres of young and tender tea gardens in Bihar are known for their quality and aroma. In particular, the tea garden in Kishanganj is known across the country for its finest use of technology in tea growing and processing.  The tea brand under Rajbari is known for its signature handpicked leaves and tastefulness. However, taste and flavour alone are not the eye-catching feature, the innovative product range makes the case too.

Today, Rajbari tea is known as the pioneer of Bihar tea. Mr Raj Karan Daftari, the chairman of Rajbari Group, is known as the Columbus of Tea Plantations in Bihar. He started plantations way back in 1992 over a small patch of land and today Bihar boasts of more than 25000 acres of land under tea plantations contributing 20 mn kgs of made tea. The Kishanganj tea garden is placed at the right altitudes offering natural antioxidants. The plantations are new and are controlled with best global practices which ensure that Rajbari tea offers numerous benefits to consumers. Some of which are:

·         Tea from Rajbari boasts antioxidants – a major role in disease prevention. 

·         Naturally grown – no pesticide is used – hence safer for health.

·         A great stress buster and good for kidney stones.

·         Improves Cognitive Function.

·         Rich flavour to strengthen your mood and body.

·         Reduces the risk of extraordinary blood pressure increase and keeps blood vessels relaxed.

Due to the above advantages, consumers both in India and across the globe prefer rajbari tea. Stress relief, recreational gain, health benefits and medicinal purposes are guaranteed.

If you are looking for the finest tea options, then you can blindly trust Rajbari Tea. It is a single source of natural tea with natural flavours and health benefits. The final product is fetched by oxidizing freshly grabbed leaves in an organised temperature environment over a predefined global standard and process.

Rajbari tea brand is an Indian Company with a motive to make “Tea of Bihar” the new “Tea of nation” and “Tea of Bihar“. Hence, in no place, the aspect of quality is compromised.

If you are looking for the finest Bihar tea, check out the range of tea variants at https://www.rajbaritea.com/

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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