Rajkumar Panwar – A visionary Digital Marketing professional on a mission to make India Digital and Unique

Undoubtedly, entrepreneurs take many forms, and they are someone who never leaves any stone unturned in identifying an opportunity and chooses to act on that opportunity. Rajkumar Panwar, through his domain Learn India Digital, solves a problem that is significant, offering some value that other people would appreciate if the service were available to them. As a visionary, he seeks innovative approaches and methods that bring value by solving problems in novel ways. His level of inventiveness allows him to create something or spot a problem that other people have overlooked. He reinvents and innovates their market from a future perspective, wondering what the market might become and looking for ways to improve on previously developed methods and procedures.

Rajkumar Panwar has been working in the field of digital marketing for the past 4.5 years. Initially, he started with his own blog and earned a lot of money from that blogging business, after which he developed his own YouTube channel and worked for a blogging site. He subsequently began freelancing and was able to earn over Rs. 6 lakh each month. After a few moments, he ran into difficulties due to a lack of guidance and other factors. Before taking a job, he self-taught himself numerous aspects of digital marketing, including entrepreneurship. He came from a humble background and was responsible for his own family. He handled his work and his freelance business simultaneously moment, and within a year, he had founded Digitalkulturez, a digital marketing company.

He was doing well at his job, and he had given over 50 interns plenty of opportunities and mentored them. During the lockdown, he taught individuals how to use online platforms for digital marketing. He maintained his ambition despite many highs and lows in his life. It is true that life throws challenges at people to strengthen them so that they can move forward and face circumstances with confidence. He started a website called Learn India Digital, where he provides free digital marketing training to the Youth and professionals. He teaches people about various topics, including how to make money on YouTube, how to generate leads, how to be an entrepreneur, and how to start your blogging website. He has real-life examples for all types of businesses, including real estate, wedding planning, and other types of businesses. He specializes in client-based work. He is now employed with an e-commerce platform, where he assists businesses in lead creation and company development.

He believes that anyone interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing should do so since there is no competition, no boundaries, and you must compete with yourself to be more innovative than before. He provided free digital marketing training to several experts. He is driven by a vision and a goal to create the next generation of entrepreneurs digital and distinct. He’s on a mission to turn India into a digital nation, and he wants to do it with the help of the youthRajkumar has faced many challenges in today’s ultra-competitive business world. Fortunately, he also has that spark and creativity that innovatively helped him tackle every obstacle and adversity. 

Rajkumar’s life and journey are a living demonstration of a leadership drive, which is an umbrella word for an extensive range of attributes that urge an individual to pursue a unique and untested path persistently regardless of setbacks and hurdles. His vision, creativity, attention, enthusiasm, perseverance, opportunistic nature, problem-solving abilities, and self-discipline form a paradigm for an entrepreneur with a professional and visionary mentality.

EnGame Publishing House, in collaboration with Entrepreneur stories, Indian Start-up Magazine, and entrepreneur hunt is honoured to present Rajkumar Panwar with the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for his remarkable, uncommon, and extraordinary effort to create the youth of our nation digitally unique that apparently stood tall as a realistic role model and a source of inspiration for the society and the aspiring entrepreneurs.

You may have previously encountered numerous challenges, but Rajkumar’s experience must be understood in order to understand that, despite the presence of challenges, finding answers and workarounds is critical to running your business efficiently and successfully.

He concludes by saying, “I believe the price of success is hard and there are no easy routes especially when you are running your own business. In these past 4.5 years, I have found this to be constant and true. Accepting challenges as an entrepreneur is a good thing. When I look back on the hardship that I had faced in my life, it brings me joy and encourages me even more because I remember what it takes to over and achieve that phase of life.”

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rajat.rajput.9235199 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajkumarpanwar Website: http://learndigitalindia.com/

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