Collage of social activism

Recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Icon Award 2022 , Indian Achievers Award 2021, Top50 Business Growth Leader Award ( Bizz Talk World Conference 2022 ) & GTA Appreciation Award ( Gyeonggi-do Taekwondo Association under Gyeonggi Province South Korea ,2018 ) for spreading Taekwondo as a sport in eastern Part of India , Appreciation Award for spreading awareness against killing habit of Tobacco in 2017 from Mahindra Finance.  Rajib Chakraborty is a seasoned, gregarious, exemplary professional and philanthropist per excellence.  He is an Ex Corporate Banker having experience in Domestic and International Banking services over a period spanning for more than 10 years. Apart from that he is having experience in administration and operations in Hospitality , Advertising , Agritech and Edutech industry for more than 14 years.   He took a giant leap to make a marked change in the lives of the hapless, hopeless BPL population when his brain child in the form of  charitable Karma Moksha Nirvana Foundation gestated and blossomed out in the year 2014. Rajib’s pioneering work is encompassed in three verticals namely, eradication of the nefarious habit of smoking,  making provision for medical assistance to the underprivileged segment of our society mainly Dentistry and actively participating in relief work for victims of natural disaster with home state having been scorched by the likes of Amphan & Yash bringing in untold misery & suffering to thousands rendering them homeless, sans food, potable water for many days. Rajib plans to associate himself with new verticals like creating new job opportunities for young impressionable minds by stressing on skill development which can prove to be more important than just bookish knowledge.

Now its time to elevate the activity to the next level , however its not a path a single person can go along . Any destination can be sweeter if more people travel on it together , thus requesting all to extend their help in any kind , donation to walk in the path together . To know more please visit 

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