Dr Lubnaa Kamaal
Homeopathic Nephrologist
Asstt Professor
State JLN Homeopathic Medical College

On World Kidney Day, its most important to understand Kidney Diseases, Kidney or Renal Failure, it’s prevention, management and treatment available.
Each 1 in 10 people in India, suffer from various forms of Kidney Diseases especially Renal Failure, which is a major killer.
But unlike Cancer, Heart Disease, Liver Cirrhosis, which at times cannot be diagnosed or prevented, despite following best of routine and diet, Renal Failure is completely preventable and treatable, no matter at which stage, the patient approaches a Homeopathic Consultant.
I know it rings a bell especially when so many people die each year because of that, while so many depend on Dialysis and Transplant for life.
Three major causes of Renal Failure, especially in India are Blood Pressure, Diabetes Mellitus and indiscriminate use of Drugs and Painkillers. The Blood Pressure can easily be checked and if it’s uncontrolled despite best measures, it should ring a bell and kidney profile should be assessed.
Due to uncontrolled blood sugar or excessive and prolonged use of Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs, there might be proteinuria ie presence of Protein or Albumin in Urine, which too indicates Renal damage. Patients dealing with Diabetes should get their urine checked from time to time to keep it in check.
Use of Painkillers is the leading cause of Kidney and Liver damage in Rural and suburban areas, where to find instant relief, patients literally feed themselves on Painkillers.
By keeping an eye on the above parameters, more than fifty percent of patients can be saved from Chronic Kidney Disease and it’s progression into Chronic Renal Failure.
Once Renal Failure is diagnosed, Homeopathy is best suited for its treatment, since only through Homeopathy it’s possible to stimulate Adult Stem Cells.
There are stem cells present throughout body which carry on the function of repair and regeneration. With age, the adult stem cells get depleted or used.
Since Homeopathic medicines work holistically, it’s possible to stimulate Adult Stem Cells even in the kidneys. In my clinical practice, I have seen kidney size of patients improve by nearly one centimetre, which is no less than a miracle.
Therefore in the initial stages, when there is just inception of Renal Failure, it can be reverted, with Homeopathy, Diet and Management.
Even if the patient is on Dialysis and there is reduction of Urinary output or absence of urination, Homeopathy has been found to be useful to restore urination and reduce Dialysis. In some patients Dialysis has been completely stopped.
Besides since Homeopathy is individualised medicine, it improves the mental state of the patient and quality of life.

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