She underwent multitude hurdles in her life which would have destroyed her but eventually she stood up!

Meet Dr. Aisha Singh an Educator, Trainer and Speaker and a Serial Entrepreneur who was born with a silver spoon and was supposed to be a perfect Rajput woman to grace the society norms. A woman who decided to leave her patriarchal rules behind and only follow her heart.

Dr. Aisha Singh was born rebel but everyone labelled her as the black sheep in the family. Where women can’t even dream of stepping outside the house to work, she had chalked a business plan. Dr Aisha Singh said  “Business is in my blood and it cannot be altered”. It’s easy  to fight with others but not with our own family who always care and protect. Going against them to prove myself was a big thing.

Dr. Aisha Singh started her journey as a Corporate employee for 8+ years after graduating from Business Management in order to attain work experience. She was happy and considered herself lucky but suddenly there was a drastic change in her life. She described it as a learning curve which helped her to decide the future entrepreneurial journey.

‘I knew what I wanted to do I was geared up, prepared mentally but suddenly realised that it is not my passion infact it is a safe retirement plan’.

Every person thinks starting any business is a cake walk invest money, rent a place, hire employees, start functioning and make profits. Same thought process even Dr. Aisha Singh had when she thought of starting a Preschool i.e CreativeKidz. Little she knew that universe had big plans, Dr. Aisha Singh started her preschool CreativeKidz in 2012 (reg) with a pom-pom show. But soon the reality check kicked in when she had to run entire preschool CreativeKidz all by herself. One woman and many roles, a Principal, Teacher, Care taker, Nanny and also a Financer in her own preschool.

Dr. Aisha Singh thought she messed her life leaving her good going career upon education line, but eventually she realised she was at peace which she never experienced from her Corporate life. There came a moment where her family asked her to decide what she wants as she was going through worst turbulence due to financial crunch, overstressed and various health issues. It was a tough decision but she chose to move ahead in education field.

Dr. Aisha Singh firmly stood with her decision of running school and expanding it PAN India, she strengthened the grass root level of preschool system from her practical learnings and started enjoying her work. Soon she realised that this was her passion which striked now. That was the day she decided to dedicate her entire life to the little feet of our nation to bolster our future generation by refining the foundation elements of preschool learning environment. As there is a saying ‘nothing comes easy ‘.This journey for Dr.Aisha Singh wasn’t the way she thought it would be . She had to undergo a lot of tough times as every women goes through in her daily life managing personal and professional life. Her choices was narrowed being a start-up, but she had to surmount hitches in the education industry which is ruled by sharks. She had to make a space in a women driven field which is ruled by a patriarchy system. Every step she took she had someone or something waiting to destroy her ,but she believed in herself and remained persistent.

After so many roller coaster chapters today Dr. Aisha Singh runs India’s top most Preschool Chain- CreativeKidz Primary Garden Worldwide, also she grew from CreativeKidz Preschool to CreativeKidz Group of Institutions. She is recognized today as the global educator, upper most International Speaker and Trainer in Education Industry. She is also an NGO worker in her GYaanadaan EduKid Charitable Trust which cater to women empowerment and child welfare. Dr. Aisha Singh is also a POSCO AND POSH certified trainer and external member. As she says she need to have expertise in forte to build a better place for women and children.

‘I believe if you are determined to fly then no force in the universe will stop ‘ Dr.Aisha Singh.

Dr. Aisha Singh is building a tribe of women who are set on the journey as hers to create a sustainable environment for children to learn and grow also empower women to live brighter. You can know more about her at

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