Skillocraft: Pioneer of Skill-Tech Education in India

Skillocraft, a new innovative online platform for skilled creators and students, is going to bring revolution in startup sector as well as in education system. One of the most promising names in entrepreneurship in 2024 is Skillocraft. The name seems to be relevant to skills and craft. Skillocraft is the pioneer of online skill-oriented courses in India. On 4th April 2024, Skillocraft started its journey to sell skill-oriented courses online to students at an affordable cost.

First Skill-tech Company in India

Skillocraft provides a platform for new entrepreneurs to sell their skills and crafts. Skill-tech courses include astrology, perfume-making, beautician courses, make-up training, video editing, photography, and so on. You see here these courses need no higher degrees and qualifications. Only skills matter. If you are a skilled and trained makeup artist, you are likely to shine like stars in your field.

Skillocraft is going to be a game-changer in trained and skilled courses by offering trainees and students a cost-effective online platform. This is the first time a startup company is taking the responsibility to sharpen the skills of talented Indians with the help of new entrepreneurs. For instance, a skilled video editor can sell his skill through Skillocraft to the target students. A student can learn her chosen skill from anywhere in India via this platform.

You don’t need to approach an institution to learn any skilled course. You can learn from the comfort space of your home. However, Skillocraft also arranges hands-on training for real-world applications.

High-Qualified Founders of Skillocraft

When the time comes to reveal the names of the founders of such changemaker company Skillocraft Pvt. Ltd, Amritendu Chowdhury holds a prominent place. After pursuing B.Tech, he founded one company named Chowdhury Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd in 2015. He achieved success in flourishing his business in Event Management & Entertainment.

Next comes in his mind the idea of a new startup business, which aims at finding new skills and talents in different fields. Amritendu Chowdhury is likely to bring revolution in skilled courses throughout India. He holds 90% of the company shares.

Sangita Das and Shilpa Halder are the other two founders and shareholders of Skillocraft. Sangita Das, who was a B.Tech student, was an ex-employee of Edu-tech company Byjus. She has in-depth knowledge and vast experience in online education.

Shilpa Halder from the modeling industry is playing a pivotal role in conducting skill-oriented courses. She has extensive experience in light, camera, and scriptwriting.

Bottom Line

Skillocraft offers an opportunity for both trainees and students. It will help the creators to create courses through this platform and students to learn new skills from home. Skill-oriented courses contain specific syllabi that will guide you on how to make perfume, handicrafts, jewelry, soap, teddies, toys, and so on.

Skillocraft ensures continuous learning and improvement in your skills even after completion of the course. This startup company gives priority to your success. You can purchase any course online through this platform.

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