Ten Breakthrough Books to read this month

Explore the enchanting world of literature with these books published by Writersgram Publications. Delve into profound emotions and creativity as we celebrate the artistry of language through diverse works, destined to leave an indelible mark on your literary journey. Let the rhythm and cadence of words ignite your senses and imagination.

I Am Not Enough To Know by Poetic Musings

This bilingual book, ‘I Am Not Enough to Know,’ was born from Poetic Musings four and a half years ago, as young artists and poets united to sharpen their pens, brought together by Rachana Kulshrestha. From diverse walks of life, they brought unique elements to this thriving community of learning and sharing. Witness the life force of Yuvraj, one of the pillars of the group, as this anthology showcases an eclectic collection of poems, nazms, ghazals, couplets, and write-ups.

KhoobsuratUmeedien by Dr. Meenakshi Saini

Embark on a journey through the Corona era, where poetry and prose beautifully capture its essence. Fear and hope intertwine, unveiling the importance of family, nature’s beauty, health, and positivity. Explore this captivating anthology and be moved!

Animal Tale by Vismay Vinod Daga

Meet Vismay Daga, a young literary prodigy from GD Goenka International School, Surat, who crafted this book at the tender age of 9, while in 5th grade. Enter his magical realm, “Visys Land,” where captivating stories await. Passionate about cricket and books, Vismay’s imaginative and quiet nature fuels his love for poetry too.

Gandhi – A Hope In Despair by A.Raghu Kumar

Experience Gandhi like never before through Dr. Raghu Kumar’s captivating book, “Gandhi: A Hope in Despair.” With a multi-dimensional, philosophical, and global perspective, it’s a valuable read for those seeking an honest study of Gandhi. A must-have for libraries and literature centers dedicated to Gandhi’s legacy.

Fafoond by Prashant Sagar

Prashant, the owner of famous poetry page Kitabganj, has captured intricacies of life in a simple yet profound way in the verses in Fafoond, his debut poetry collection. Within its captivating verses lies a treasure trove of emotions, a rhythmic dance of words. His poetry’s true essence whispers to your soul. His art produces profound reflections that linger long after the last page.

Darval by Omkar Dhurat

In this collection of Marathi Poetry, unique words are born from intertwined emotions, creating powerful poems that mirror diverse experiences. Through poetic art, readers connect with hidden emotions, finding joy and understanding in each verse.

Kuch pal khwabke by Mithun Rakesh

In this book the author encapsulates unfulfilled desires within poetic verses, embracing the essence of those unachieved aspirations. The book aims to offer readers glimpses of unfulfilled longings, inspiring a belief in their potential, for “Life still awaits, my friend.”

Tabeer by Raghav Kapoor

In this collection of twenty-five poems, the author explores dreams through personal experiences and imaginative perspectives. Discover the world of dreams, a realm both separate and intertwined with reality.

Potli Mein Se by Deepti Jain

Discover profound emotions and life’s essence in ‘Potli Mein Se’ by Deepti Jain. With heartfelt simplicity, her poetry weaves a captivating tapestry of thoughts and experiences, touching hearts with genuine expressions.

Black in the woods by Zeba Ahmed

Andrew Heinrich’s life takes a perilous turn when a mysterious package from his best friend exposes sinister activities in fictional Southhallow. As the FBI pursues an underworld criminal, a prominent figure in Westbrooke faces assassination. Zeba Ahmed’s debut thriller unfolds an electrifying chase to save a life.

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