Top 21 Authors Who Made a Mark in the Field of Literature With their Creative Writing

Needless to say, India is blessed with excellent art, literature, and writing skills in the English language, and Indians appear to take pride in Indian authors who are recognized for their contributions in the sphere of literature and whose novels and writings are considered must-reads. It goes without saying, writers are observers who always take mental notes and note subtle changes around them. They maintain a disciplined approach to writing, focus on their craft, and constantly work to get better through intense discipline.

Without a doubt, Indian English literature has come a long way. According to various studies, 2020 will be the year of the book business, worth $739 billion, placing India second only to the United States. With so many books being released in many genres and the industry growing by leaps and bounds, it can be challenging to pick the finest novels, yet books by favourite authors have brought us the most delight over the years. Moreover, reading a book with multiple authors is like a literary treat.

Sir Francis Bacon says, “Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly” Also, if you’re seeking for amazing authors to read their great novels so you may add them to your reading list or share them with your friends, check out the top 21 authors of 2022. With fresh reading goals and a desire to try new writers in many genres, including fiction and non-fiction, the new year provides you with the opportunity to read works by the following excellent authors. They always strived to capture the imagination and help people expand knowledge in their respective genres.

The list of authors is;

Umesh Moudgil – With reverence and respect for the English subject, writing is the form where Umesh expresses himself and brings his characters to life in the form of his stories.

Priyanka Bhuyan –Priyanka is a spectacular writer with one foot on fiction and non-fiction.

Vivek Chowthri –Vivek expertly uses his cast of characters to bring out the mystery in the story in an intriguing manner.

KVRK Prasad – Prasad is known for creating books worthy of adapting into a movie.

Pranav Rao – Pranav Rao incorporates his experience, observation, imagination, and inspiration to weave his stories.

Aarushi Jain – Aarushi Jain incorporates her own life experience in the form of stories.

Anita Rajani – Anita Rajani is best known for writing stories combining traditional ideas with modernism.

Deepa Agarwal – Profound author Deepa Agarwal is specialized in writing page-turners and intriguing stories.

Smita Das Jain – Smita’s stories keep the readers intrigued from start to end and are well-crafted with eagerness.

Harkirat Singh – Harikrat Singh is well known for writing quintessential stories.

Raghunandan S – Author Raghunandan shaped the literary world by producing books in the art form of literature.

Namrata Naresh – Namrata profoundly took her writing by making the world’s canon of literature.

Saugata Chakraborty – Prolific author Saugata has created big time with his compelling work.

Manisha Vilas Gaikwad – Manisha is known for writing non-fiction books in English and Marathi.

Laudeep Singh – Laudeep is a writer who creates interesting books that encourage people to buy and read.

Simran Khan – Simran is keen on writing about love, relationships with a blend of mystery.

Pankaj Saini – With a difference in taste from others, Pankaj keeps producing exciting works.

Raviraj Mishra – Poet and novelist Raviraj has penned down poetries and is well acclaimed for writing love stories.

Nilakshi Garg – Nilakshi is specialized in writing profound stories.

Naman Aggarwal – Naman’s books revolve around the transformation of thoughts and feelings of the human mind that keep changing irrespective of his goodness.

Adam Ostaszewski – Adam is well known for his excellent writing on all genres.

The top 21 authors mentioned above are masters in their craft, scene-setting, character and plot development, twists, surprise endings, hidden lessons, and philosophy influencing their popular thoughts and interests. They, with their ability, create interesting books that encourage people to buy the books they write. So enjoy the list of the top 21 authors and start reading some of their best works. Books, of course, are the primary sources of stories that connect with people, and reading is one such instrument that has been shown to promote empathy. This resulted in appealing learning environments. Whether fictional or non-fictional, books link characters and people in the form of poetry or prose; a good book can provide you the tools you need to connect more intimately with those around you. Pick up a book by one of the top 21 authors the next time you feel detached from the world and keep yourself powered.

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