Upendra gadiya – The Young yet matured research analyst and the man behind Stockstar consultancy

In today’s competitive global economy, market research is an essential tool. It’s what helps investors refine their investment ideas to have the best odds of success .In short, smart and experienced investors rarely make a move without doing market research first. That makes the skills of research analysts quite valuable in today’s job market. But learning how to be a stock market research analyst isn’t as straightforward as you might think. And that’s because it’s a discipline that’s part science and part art form – meaning you will need to develop a diverse skill set to be good at the job. At its heart, a SEBI registered Research Analyst Upendra Gadiya stood tall with his 6 years of rich experience in the Stock market and his venture Stockstar Consultancy.

27-year-old Upendra coined his firm Stockstar Consultancy in July 2021 with the mission of providing Portfolio advisory services and research reports on companies to his clients in the Indian equity markets. Most of the ideas have strong fundamentals, superior balance sheets and a strong growth story ahead of them. His firm Stockstar Consultancy believes in delivering superior risk adjusted returns for its clients. His firm assesses clients’ financial situations and explains to them the pros and cons of various investment strategies answering all finance-related questions and addressing clients’ concerns. They provide guidance on how, when and where to invest, deciding how much to invest, how frequently to review and also taking corrective measures if needed.

In the words of Upendra “Every piece of advice is prepared with the client’s investing goals in mind. We’re not afraid to be the first investors or early adopters when it comes to advocating a potentially high-growth company.”

Upendra graduated from Loyola College, Chennai with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and an MBA. With extensive experience in the stock market , Upendra assists and advises investors in achieving their financial objectives in a cost-effective, efficient, and secure manner. He is skilled at personally managing customers portfolios based on their risk appetite, as risk management is critical to developing long-term wealth. He’s also listed as a financial advisor on smallcase.com (stockstar.smallcase.com). Upendra keeps up with economic developments and legislation changes that may have an impact on his customers’ finances as an established financial counsellor. Upendra can display great analytical skills and a thorough understanding of financial markets as a top financial consultant.

Some people believe that because there is so much information about investing on the internet, they don’t need a financial planner but its not true and there is only one reason for this and that is the value of experience . Upendra specializes in giving his clients financial advice based on his experience and their needs. While you may be aware of your needs and how to invest to meet them, you may not always have the time to do everything on your own. Here’s where Upendra takes up the responsibility of duty from you.

He works on the philosophy of “Hold winners and work hard to identify losers”.
Most companies may be less talked in media or not even covered by research houses but have strong management with execution history. More importantly, your money remains in your bank & you control your Demat account and YOU are the decision-maker. He is on a mission to prove to the majority of people who are afraid to invest in the markets that “Stock markets can make you money too. “ His firm believes that they are not from the camp of “Buy right, sit tight”. Since they focus on mid & small-cap stocks, they are more vigilant and for them, exit from stock or idea is as important as its entry.

The plethora of services offered by Stockstar Consultancy includes the following

  • Equity Portfolio Advisory Service
  • SIP Portfolio Advisory
  • Portfolio Rebalancing and Analysis
  • Advisory Portfolio Via Smallcase

Visit to learn more: www.stockstarconsultancy.com

Contact – 91515 12345

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