ViNi T.O.Y.S: Emerging brand in kids toys and bicycles manufacturing sector

The world has been witnessing the emergence and expansion of businesses across all sectors these days. Many business sectors are experiencing the monopoly of few companies or few countries. In that way, it is evident that China has been playing a major role in the kid’s toys market. Chinese companies are enjoying the monopoly in the market across the globe. Meanwhile India has been the major consumption market obviously because of our growing population.

But the situation is changing today. Understanding its market size, India is also trying to utilize the advantage of snatching the market monopoly from Chinese companies. Many companies are emerging from our nation to manufacture toys. Favorable conditions like ease of norms, infrastructure facilities, and many others are helping the budding firms to include this transformation. Recently India’s first toy manufacturing cluster has been established from the government of India in Koppal district, Karnataka. So business owners are showing interest in establishing more and more toy manufacturing units in India.

Santosh Nag Pathikonda is a businessman from Hospet, Karnataka. He is involved in manufacturing the kids toys like tricycles, bicycles, magic cars and such items. He is running a company called Shivas & Son Pvt Ltd where he manufactures kids toys under the brand ViNi T.O.Y.S and bi-cycles under the brand SHIVAS.

Santosh Nag Pathikonda is a Managing Director of Shivas & Son Pvt Ltd. He has two brands in his company ViNi, which he has named on his kids names Virat and Nihitha and another one by name SHIVAS which he named on his father’s name Sadashiva. ViNi T.O.Y.S manufactures baby ride-ons, tricycles, walkers, magic cars and such items. Meanwhile SHIVAS is into manufacturing bicycles and electric bicycles.

It was in 2021 when Santosh Nag Pathikonda was thinking of setting up a different business which is untapped by most of the businessmen in India. Meanwhile he was watching that India is a land of fairs and festivals. These are the occasions where celebrations are incomplete without toys shops. But that was the time where 99% of toys were imported from China. He contemplated this matter.

He wondered that though we have a huge market in our country, why are we not manufacturing the toys and kids items according to our market size? This pushed him to set up kids toys and cycles manufacturing factory. Along with this his dream of giving employment to few people was fulfilling. So he didn’t look back and took actions according to his thoughts. Eventually his factory was established in  Hospet, Karnataka and started producing products.

ViNi has been a name for quality and valued products which have been loved and embraced by kids of not only the state but the entire nation. ViNi has been the fastest growing company in south India. They sold only 500 tricycles and generated Rs. 50000 of revenue in the first month. But their hard work and systematic approach started getting good sales for him. Thus they are selling more than 5000 units a month and making around 45 lakhs rupees a month right now. He also has a target of generating at least 1.2 crore rupees a month by the end of May 2023.  

Santosh Nag Pathikonda has given employment to around 50 people. In addition to this, 20 jobs have been created indirectly. This means he is helping 70 families directly and indirectly. ViNi T.O.Y.S has a presence across 8 states. Santosh Nag Pathikonda is managing 8 field officers, one RSM and one NSM. he claims his is the only company in the sector to have an organized way of doing business.

 ViNi is a brand which has been a synonym for safe, quality and trendy products. It is a BIS certified company which uses food grade plastics in manufacturing. Quality checks will be taken up randomly to make sure the products are safe for kids.

Santosh Nag Pathikonda has started this business with a motto of Make in India, Compete with China. He wants to take up his business to new heights by making quality products. Though he is from a small town, he’s demonstrating that business opportunities will be everywhere .But the mindset has to be strong to utilize the available resources and find a way through that. He believes that India has the enough capacity and resources to grow big in the sector and dominate and outgrow the global market.

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