Why is Odisha a must-visit place? 

Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is a heritage and culturally enriching state in East India. The incredible state of Odisha has some of India’s best-kept secrets, including various tourist attractions from festivals to temples, mountains to wildlife, rivers to waterfalls, thus making it a must-visit destination.

Odisha is also known as the ‘land of God’, is the other thing that attracts a lot of tourists all through the year. From temples to beaches, from architectural marvels to tempting local cuisines, you have so many things to do in this beautiful eastern state. More importantly, if you are looking for bliss, inner peace, or an insatiable desire to see new places, meet new people, or gorge on novel cuisine, then you have come to the right place.

Odisha is also known for its Odia food and the reason we cater to all kinds of taste buds, whether it be spicy, tangy, or sweet. A trip to Odisha is a treat to watch.

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha and is also known as the city of temples for its wide range of temples that spread all across the city, and they all reflect the brilliance of architecture and design. Lingaraj temple is an exquisite piece of construction and design. Another Hindu temple that can be found in Bhubaneswar, the Raja Rani Temple, is also known as love temple.No images can be found inside the sanctum, and hence it is not associated with any particular sect of Hinduism. Muketswar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and presents a fine example of the longevity of the Kalinga style of architecture. The other places to visit in Bhubaneswar are Jayadev Vatika, Dhauli Hills, Khandagiri Caves, and Ram mandir.

PURI: Puri is famous for its iconic Jagganatha temple and its beaches. Every year millions of tourists gather in puri to witness the amazing Rath Yatra. Puri is also known for its artistic work, and a village named ‘Raghurajpur’ is dedicated to the artisans of ‘Pattachitra.’

Konark: Known for its sun temple and is the pinnacle of Odisha temple architecture. The temple is a culmination of seven hundred years of grind in search of perfection. Built-in 12th century A.D by king Narashima Dev -I and dedicated to the sun god. The temple leaves us with its massive structure, symmetry, precision, and intricate detailing. Some other places to visit are Chandrabhaga, Ramchandi temple, and Astaranga.

 Chilika: The saltwater lake is not only the largest in the country but is also one of the must-visit places to visit in Odisha to spend time with soaking in a beautiful landscape, exotic birds, and nature. 

 Angul: Angul is a major industrial town of Odisha. Angul is popularly known as the land of different types who commanded over small citadels. The name Angul is derived from a local chieftain named ‘Anu’ who started a futile rebellion against the king. The locals referred to that period as Anugol, and thereafter the name ‘Anugol’ stuck, and the town came to be known as Angul. Satokosia is one of the famous tourist destinations of Odisha.

The tiger reserve gets its name from the word ‘sat,’ meaning seven, and ‘kosk’ meaning two miles, indicating the length of the gorge equivalent to 14 miles. Rengali dam is also one of the major tourist attractions. The Budhi temple situated at Angul town is an exact replica of Puri Jagganatha temple, and it is famous as Saila Srikhetra. Deulajhari is the ancient citadel of Shaivism and is mainly famous for its hot spring. The spring has miraculous power, and the spring commences underneath a shiva temple.

 Sambalpur: Sambalpur is known as the gateway to western Odisha. Sambalpur is also known for its sarees. The state derives its name from Goddess Samaleswari, who is regarded as the most important deity of the city. It has the true beauty of nature in the form of rivers, lavish hills, green forests, and a variety of wildlife. The leaning temple of Huma, Ghanteswari, Hirakud dam, Chiplima, and Samleswari temple are major attractions.

 Some of the other tourist destinations you love to be there. Daringbadi: Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary, Putudi Waterfall, Doluri River.

Rourkela: Hanuman Vatika, Vaishno Debi, and Vedvyas 

Similipal: Barheipani Falls and Similipal National Park.

So, add Odisha as your next travelling destination if you want to take an in-depth look into the rich culture and history. Odisha is the best place to explore, and a considerable number of reasons to be there as you can find bounties in Odisha’s every nook and crannies.

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