Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala: winner of Mrs. Asia Universe Winner 2021-2022

Often, when you think Thejo Kumari has done it all, however, you then get a surprise that she has been felicitated for another achievement. The reader’s mind will get blown at what an amazing woman with an incredible sense of accomplishment. She never fails to give you those shocker moments with so many triumphs under belts, yet she is undeterred to try on something new and fascinating each time.

Her immense talent and perseverance always set her apart from others in the fray, especially at the recently concluded Mrs. Asia Universe 2021-22. She took on the tough competition in her stride and stood out from the rest to bring home the title. Being crowned was an ecstatic feeling and breaking the conventional beauty standards is what made this competition unique.

She has also been working as the jury member as well the judge of this prestigious pageant, the Ms. Universe Beauty pageant. After winning the title, she has also received several benefits and made the country proud with her achievement. The Organisation that makes the Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant has been impressed by Thejo Kumari’s skills and her numerous accomplishments in several fields, also winning the title herself that they have requested her to be part of the jury that will judge the contestants for the Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant.

Thejo Kumari is an example like no other. The around 6 feet tall, fair, and dimpled beauty aged 42 years has always stood out with her achievements in education, running businesses, social work and being recognized. She is a woman with so many achievements and works hard to achieve more every time a challenge is thrown at her. She not only emerges unscathed but victorious and sets new records for the next person who feels it impossible even to try.

It is not every day that a person wins a beauty pageant such as the Mrs. Asia Universe, but Thejo Kumari is exceptionally talented to win such prestigious titles. She happens to be the only person to be selected for all Ms. Universe competitions from Asia to date. The current year has many competitors, but Thejo Kumari beat them all and won 2021-22. 

Thejo knows not only to be contestants, but she has chaired as a judge for many pageants herself wherein she mentored contestants gave them sound advice on life and competition so that it will help their future. Her experience of holding so many beauty titles such as Ms. India winner, Ms. Glam India Icon winner, Miss India International Winner and the recently concluded Mrs. Asia Universe 2022 winner has made the trailer blazer in the pageant arena.

Having won so many awards in various fields for her achievements in education, business, and social work, people say she is on a winning streak. She has made the country product several times by participating in many national and international pageants conducted worldwide. She adheres to every beauty pageant motto of beauty with brains. This rare combination makes the obvious in winning the title.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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