Insights of Faizan Mirza, One of a fearless leaders from NCP and a dynamic core committee member

As a daring core committee member of NCP and ex-chief spokesperson of NCP unit Nagpur, Faizan Mirza is one of those few political leaders in Maharashtra who is always seen raising his voice and taking a stand against injustice. He is an ardent follower of the ideology and work of his party president Hon’ble and stalwart politician, Mr Sharad Pawar. He belongs to an industrialist family. He pursued his law and then joined his family business in 2019 after seeing a 79 years Old Man Hon Sharad Pawar fighting against all odds regime , he decided to enter politics and joined NCP and later never looked back.

He is known for his fearless , non biased opinions , his views are often strong and to the point , be it from being part of a successful alliance MVA government in Maharashtra to the recent opposition’s political wargame over ED actions on alliance member MP Sanjay Raut, he always has responded to a range of questions of media and always kept his opinions during all conversations.

He has always highlighted his opinions of Maha Vikas Aghadi leaders and their family members who as per him have been maligned since 2019. He as a leader seems to be strong in all his press notes and conversations he has always condemned unfair moves and his statements says will resist any act of pressure.

We have seen him talking about Many scams which have been unearthed in the last few years in the country , he strongly believes in actions and says general public cannot be fooled for long , Truth will always strong tall and will prevail , Apart from conversations with Media he often uses his social media handles to put his points and views across .His extended support to his party and the current govt shows his inclination , belief system and conviction towards Veteran politician Honourable Sharad Pawar and his Party

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