CG Logistics celebrates 20 years of providing trusted logistics solutions.

New Delhi, India:  CG Logistics is thrilled to proclaim its 20th anniversary as a premier logistics solutions provider. Since its formation in 2002, CGL India has been dedicated to supporting businesses in several industries to achieve their objectives through offering tailored logistics services that optimise their supply chain activities. Over the years, the company has created an image of reliability, efficiency, and client satisfaction, becoming a trusted partner for its customers.

There are a number of logistics services provided by CGL, including freight forwarding, custom brokerage, warehousing and distribution, and many more. The company’s extensive network of partners and agents enables it to offer seamless logistics solutions across the world.

“At CG Logistics, we consider that logistics is not just about transferring goods from one place to another. It is about providing value to our customers and supporting them to achieve their organisational goals,” said Rajesh Kumar Dubey, CEO of the company. “Our 20-year history is evidence of our commitment to providing the top level of service and support to our customers”.

It has been recognized by CGL India that every client has unique logistics requirements. That is the main reason the entity works closely with consumers to understand their particular requirements and form customised solutions that satisfy their expectations. With a team of logistics professionals who have an in-depth understanding of industry knowledge and experience, CGL ensures that customers get the best possible logistics solution.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, CG Logistics is introducing a series of initiatives aimed at further accelerating its services and increasing its reach. The company is investing in technology, infrastructure, and talent to keep up with the evolving logistics landscape and provide cutting-edge logistics solutions to its customers. CGL is also creating strategic partnerships with key players in the logistics industry to increase its network and capabilities.

Further, the higher authority of the company states that. ‘Our 20th anniversary is a great milestone for CGL, and we are proud of our accomplishments over the years’. ‘We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead,’ says the company.‘We persist in being committed to our core values of integrity, excellence, and consumer focus, and we look forward to continuing to provide reliable logistics services to our clients for many more years to come’.

CG Logistics has built itself as a reliable partner for customers in numerous industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. The company’s clients range from small businesses to multinational corporations, and it has served clients across the globe, from North America to Europe, Asia, and beyond.

CGL India is committed to forming a sustainable future for the logistics industry. The entity is committed to decreasing its carbon footprint and accelerating sustainable practises across its operations. CG Logistics relies on the idea that sustainability is not only the right thing to do but also a business imperative because it helps customers decrease costs and increase their image.

At last, CG Logistics is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary as a reliable logistics solutions provider. The dedication of CGL to delivering value to its clients, coupled with its commitment to sustainability, has set it apart from its competitors in the logistics industry. With a prime emphasis on innovation, excellence, and customer focus, CG Logistics looks forward to continuing to provide trusted logistics solutions for many more years to come.

For additional information, please visit the websites of CGL India Pvt. Ltd. or get in touch with them directly through their contact details.

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