MIT-ASB’s Former Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Rajesh Nair, joins as an investor and advisor at Apli

Bangalore: Bangalore based virtual work experience startup Apli (Pronounced as “Apply “)  has onboarded Dr Rajesh Nair, MIT-ASB’s Former Professor of innovation and Entrepreneurship, as an investor and advisor.

An avid investor as he is, Dr Rajesh Nair ( ) is known for his exclusive expertise in the domain. Former professor of Practice in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Asia School of Business, started in collaboration with MIT-Sloan, he places ardent trust in youth and their mindsets. Sight set on the refined aim to nurture skills of children. He is known for running MIT-IIT make in India bootcamps for taking Entrepreneurship to colleges and schools.

(Mr. Nair’s quote on why he thinks Apli is a exciting investment)

“ I met Shivam at Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, Indonesia as Apli secured the first place. When he was still in college, we  reconnected during covid  where he mentioned about, solving for fresher hiring but after brainstorming together we came across the real problem,  career discovery amongst college students and freshers which I aim to achieve as well  through my maker programs. I am excited and happy to see the way they are evolving  ”

(Akshay Kumbarwar’s (Cofounder, Apli)  Quote on why having Dr Rajesh Nair is the right signal)

“ Rajesh’s experience of running an immersive Maker and Entrepreneurship program with Top colleges across the world will help us to build robust  Virtual experience’s which can help students deep dive in a day at their dream job.

Looking forward to bridge the gap together  ”

Boiler Plate:  About Apli ( Pronounced as “ Apply “ )

Apli ( Pronounced as “ Apply “ ) is India’s first free virtual experience platform where students can experience work in different companies and find the right career-fit for them.

Apli’s vision is to build a world where opportunities are evenly distributed and every candidate gets a fair chance to work in their dream companies irrespective of their college background or course.

In India, 96% students are deprived of the internship exposure which creates a huge employability gap.

According to The Economic Times, 3 out 10 companies bear a loss of over 20 Lakhs on every wrong hire they make.

Apli’s mission is to enable candidates to experience working in the world’s top companies within a day.

Earlier, Apli ( ) was one of India’s largest campus placement platforms with 55K+ students from 1200+ colleges and 400+ top companies like Byjus, Ather, flutch and Alpha urbane were connecting with freshers at Apli.

Apli aims to provide students an avenue to explore a career at a firm before the internship or entry-level application process. Students interested in working at top organisations can apply for immersion virtual programs designed in collaboration with the company to ensure true insight into the role and potential seamless induction into the workplace..

It was incubated at IDEAS Program at IIT Bombay, then nurtured as a part of IIT Startups accelerator ( ) and Alsisar Impact, South Asia’s first double-bottom line and frontier market incubator.

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