Sri’s inspiring life-coaching journey during the pandemic

It all started when the whole world was shaking up with Corona Virus. It was the first lockdown in India, and Sri started sharing videos on positivity on her Instagram profile. Bumping into her favourite author Rhona Byrne’s The Magic, Sri posted one video every day. That’s how the journey of helping hundreds of people worldwide started.

Once we feel like we are a little good at something, we always cling to that. And that’s how Sri started talking more about positivity, and during the pandemic, she realized the importance of self-love missing among a lot of people. She started a self-love session on a random weekend, and it picked up. It was not an easy ride, but still, it was worth every try. And then, Sri decided to do it professionally. She did her certification course on Law of Attraction Life Coach, and she is a self-love advocate herself.

The Law of attraction is one of the pseudoscience concepts, which means you manifest your desires by just tuning your thoughts in the right frequency. It helped Sri a lot in her personal life, from manifesting her dream job, the beautiful life she always wanted, happy life and a healthy body, money, and much more. With all her personal experiences, she decided to coach people willing to take action and apply all the concepts to manifest their dream life.

‘It took a long way to reach this point’, says Sri. Though she learned the concepts of the Law of attraction the hard way, she does not want her clients to go through the same. Sri created a unique approach to the Law of attraction, and anyone can easily understand the process and apply for their dream easily. All it takes is to trust in the process. This approach to the Law of attraction and helping people with easy-to-understand concepts helped Sri reach more people.

A year later, Sri wanted to specialize in other modalities as well. Her never-ending quest for learning made her get onto a lot of courses. Still, she specialized in an ancient Hawaiian prayer called Ho’oponopono, which is a powerful technique to help people heal from past trauma, wounds, and fears. This modality helped many people through Sri, which created many success stories. Sri continues learning many things, but she always makes sure that she teaches only the best and in the easiest way possible.

The best thing about Sri’s program is that it is affordable. If you find any law of attraction or manifestation coaches online, they charge thousands of dollars. But here, she always sticks to affordable pricing. With this budget-friendly pricing, she has reached 370+ people in less than 2 years, including clients from 5 different countries.

‘The more I share, the more I learn and help more people’

This phrase is what Sri believes at the core and runs her coaching program.

Whatever Sri teaches, she always starts from the core concept of loving oneself. Self-Love is the most underrated thing right now, and so she shares the value of self-love with all her clients before getting started with anything in their life. She also offers many free services once a month to help people who cannot afford her programs. This way, she feels that her purpose is fulfilled by reaching many people.

Combining the concepts of self-love, connecting with the inner child, and advocating the Law of attraction through scientific proof make Sri’s coaching program significant. If you want to look at Sri’s accomplishments, you would be happier and more excited to look at her client’s success stories. You can reach out to her on her Instagram handle @sri_loa_coach. She would be more than happy to connect with you and guide you on the path of manifestation! Sri concludes that her long term goal is to reach more people and more countries. It was interesting that Sri is also working on her first-ever book that might get launched in a year.

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