Advocate Govind Bali – Distinguished Lawyer whose intellect has not just won cases but created history

Law and justice are very important parts of any society be it developed or developing, every country has a need for justice, fairness, and rule of law. A large part of that institution is Lawyers who help provide justice to the citizens. Advocate Govind Bali, who specializes in constitutional and criminal law, joined the fray with the goal of offering equal justice to all people while adhering to stringent legal norms.

Advocate Govind Bali is one of the youngest Indian lawyers to represent clients before the United Nations. He recently filed an appeal against a United Nations Office for Project Services fine levied on an Indian vendor. Within the United Nations development system, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is a self-sustaining body. It aids the UN and its partners in achieving peace, humanitarian relief, and development goals.

EnGame Publishing House is honored to present Govind Bali with the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 in collaboration with Entrepreneur stories, Indian Start-up Magazine, and Entrepreneur Hunt for his remarkable and uncommon contribution to making a difference in people’s lives through his legal services.

Advocate Govind Bali founded Fastrack Legal Solutions with the goal of giving quick justice to everybody, as well as the notion that the law should exist to protect everyone’s rights. Using international trade doctrine and common law doctrines, he has successfully achieved the lowering of penalties for his clients.

Fastrack Legal Solutions, his law firm, offers services in Legal Law, Criminal Law, Divorce Law, Matrimonial Matters, and Matrimonial Mediation, Family Law, Armed Forces Statutory and Non-Statutory Complaints, Notary Services, Affidavit Services, Attestation, Litigation, Corporate Law, Arbitration, contract drafting, and Education Consultancy.

Fastrack Legal Solution is a group of highly qualified, motivated, and forward-thinking lawyers who are passionate about the law and dedicated to making India a better place. Govind and his colleagues go to great lengths to defend their clients’ interests, ensuring their safety and adhering to the ethical principles of secrecy and legal service reliability. They are steadfast in their devotion to their amazing services and seek to become a world-class one-stop law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services to all. Corporate entities, individuals, trusts, property owners, builders, educational institutions, small and medium-sized businesses, and others are among his clients.

His extraordinary professional accomplishment serves as motivation for young lawyers to strive to be better lawyers. Govind has developed a reputation as an expressive and articulate lawyer who has a remarkable capacity to make his case appear easy and convincing. No doubt, Govind works on his cases with creativity and distinction since he has a deep enthusiasm for his clients. Appreciating one’s bad circumstances is an important component of personal motivation, and Govind and his team provide excellent client service because he believes that clients need to be acknowledged and cared for. His ability to persevere and not give up became the foundation for winning 95% of his cases.

Claim to Fame – Advocate Govind Mali

  • Social worker, entrepreneur, and youth speaker
  • In 2018, he was a keynote speaker on MANREGA workers’ rights and Bhagat Singh’s views.
  • Under the supervision of Senior Advocate Prashanto Sen, he assisted in major cases such as the Abrogation of Article 370, the CAA and NRC cases, and the Shame Banners Case under the supervision of Advocate Ashma Izzat.

Govind Bali can be contacted from the credentials below

Phone: 7697671219

Email: govind.bali13@gmail.comInstagram page of Fastrack Legal Solutions: @fastracklegalsolutions

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