Amir and Sons – Bringing back the glory of Vintage Attars.

Whenever we go into public or gatherings, the immediate thing that gets noticed by the people in the room is the enchanting fragrance that captivates all of them and fills the air with an aromatic scent. The present market is home to various kinds of fancy deodorants and perfumes. Still, these really do miss the versatility of Indian-made attars that would please the senses of perfume lovers. India has always been a genuine home to attars that are extracted from the base of flowers, spices, and rose petals, made with utmost passion and care. Perfumes and deodorants might be feasible at the need of the hour but do not possess the exotic essentials in their purest form like in attars. The heritage and uniqueness of Attars are being preserved by very few, and Amir and Sons is one of the greatest producers of Attars among those few firms.

Amir and Sons have been determined to bring back the lost glory of Attars and spread it wide among the public, and popularize the use of the culture of Attars back. Amir and Sons deal with Attars, perfume oils, and Bakhoor. Amir and Sons believe that all these items do not just provide fragrance or enchanting aroma but do have an implicit connection with peace, pleasure, and divinity. Attars, perfume oils, or Bakhoor are made with completely natural items that do carry value and are exotic in nature. Since these are naturally made, the aroma they give lasts long, and unlike the fancy deodorants, they don’t contain harmful gas.

While describing about their journey, the founder of Amir and Sons claims that he was fed up with the regular monotonous life and decided to expand his horizons and explore various domains that are challenging and tend to teach him the true essence of life. After considering many things and working out many possibilities, he genuinely felt that the glory of Attars had to be brought back. That urge gradually developed him to open the first retail outlet in July 2021. Things are not easy as said nor written. Every great thing takes time and surely demands essential efforts which are genuinely put by him. There is a popular myth that businesses need a lot of investment, and in order to gain significant returns, the investment should also be in a great detail. But in the case of Amir and Sons, it is completely proven wrong. The well-renowned Amir and Sons just started with an initial investment of just 3000 rupees and managed to achieve greater heights within a short time. At times, the founder even says that competition is very important for faster and better growth. He believes that only with heavy competition one would find the zeal and the necessity to beat out others.

Even though the journey is a challenging ride, the success achieved later is a deserved one. The firm has gained over 23k followers on Instagram in a very short time and has dispatched a considerable amount of 3000 orders within a very short time of 3 months. Amir and Sons is enabling all their users to discover a new fragrance style and experience the best quality of perfumes. There are several offers on the website on a wide range of products, and discounts are being provided on specific products as well.


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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