Anish Abbasi said this is the victory of the policies dedicated to the nation

Today, in Mandoli Harsh Vihar ward, people of all communities took out a victory march Harsh Vihar ward, in the joy of forming the government with outside votes in Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Goa, and Uttarakhand, and all the people fed sweets to each other.

All of the people sent the message that people from all walks of life support BJP, that everyone has benefited from the honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s work, and that they wanted the BJP government to win with a large majority in this program. (Manoj Tyagi, the District General Secretary) was accompanied by BJP Delhi Pradesh minority secretary for  Anish Abbasi, Anil Choudhary, Tej Prakash, Devendar Sharma ‘Deepak Bhagel, Mukesh, Wasim Akram Danish Hassan, Sunil Tyagi ‘Arun Tyagi Vinit, and everyone stayed together.

Anish Abbasi is working in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as a youth leader and recently he is Appointed as Secretary of BJP Delhi Minority Morcha. He is also an active Social Worker and one of the most reliable political leaders who is capable of forming judgments and is committed to working for the greater good. He is also proficient at handling and resolving disagreements among the party.

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