Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Kubic Online Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

Kubic Online started with the mission and vision to make online education accessible and affordable to each and every student of the country. Kubic Online strives for quality and holistic education. We provide online education with courses like IIT/JEE/NEET/CAT/ IELTS/Languages and many others.

 The startup culture has brought in umpteen entrepreneurs across the country. India’s startup EdTech’s initiative Kubic Edutech Private limited is celebrating its first anniversary.

“Kubic Online is extremely overwhelmed to announce its 1st Anniversary. It’s a big shout out and thank you to the loyal customers who have trusted us and continue to do so with online education. We express our appreciation for your confidence in us” said the M.D. Mr. Vaibhav Bajpai.

Handling the operations and execution for some time now the C.E.O. Sumita Bajpai said, “The company has witnessed its ups and downs. The growth hasn’t been easy, with continuous adaptation to the evolving technology and education plans and other factors”. She stated that the company has loyal and confident customers who have been around in good and bad times.

“It’s never without them, their support and belief in us”, said Sumita.

The organization started with a mission and vision to empower and organize the unorganized sector of education. It designed its logo with a colour scheme where they used yellow. Yellow symbolizes happiness, optimism, positivity and intellect. What better to offer to the students who are their priority.

Kubic Online grew to 10, 000 students now learning with them. The courses they offer prepare students from K12 and above. The company has seen lots of collaborations and faith of students in them.  Kubic Online also helps college students with exposure in the fields of social media, content writing and marketing by interning with it.

Prince Singh (DBM Nagpur) an intern at Kubic Online said, “Kubic has been a wonderful experience and has helped me grow in my career”.

“It was truly a very engaging experience with Kubic Online while we conducted the ‘AXIS 2022’ exams all over India.” Said Satyam Jha Core coordinator of AXIS 2022, from VNIT Nagpur.

“We aim to scale with the support of those who believe learning is a boon with such affordable courses”, said Mr. Bajpai. Kubic Online is working towards keeping the students updated with their content, regularly engaging the students with ideas, recaps and tests on social media too. They have new planned courses in their kitty. This will strengthen to build the brand and trust among their customers.

This anniversary they are moving ahead with a tag line for students “KUBIC IT”.

Any study related searches you need just KUBIC IT. Interesting!! Kubic Online is targeting for the holistic development of the students and promises to strive for safe online studies.

“I believe that if you aim at the moon, you will reach the tree top. Our failures have made us strong and we will make it big, keep a watch out for us”, Said the C.E.O. Mrs. Sumita Bajpai.

“Kubic Online is offering 90% off on its courses for all the students. For the whole month of April on the occasion of our anniversary. They can use the coupon code KUBIC01. They just need to download the app. They can invite family and friends too and help us in our journey”, announced Mr. Bajpai.

What a way to celebrate a year’s completion. We wish them all the best and may they keep building the foundation of our country’s youth.

 You can visit the www.kubiconlinedutech.com for more information.

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