Decarbon- Bring Back the Power and Performance to your Vehicle by Carbon Cleaning

Decarbon by VNB PROJECTS PVT LTD based in Hyderabad is the country’s first service agency to perform the engine’s capability through decarbonisation. In the case of cars and other vehicles, Carbon deposits pile up in the engine and may limit the performance of the engine. It is completely undesirable for the engine. Decarbonisation is a novel and effective approach to tackle this problem and improve the performance, power and productivity of the engine. Nagababu V, the CEO of VNB Projects has to face an issue with his car and witnessed black smoke being exhausted and a considerable mileage drop due to carbon formation in the engine. As a consequence, he researched on the issue and came up with an unique approach of cleaning carbon without dismantling the parts of the car. That’s how India’s first carbon cleaning service machine by Decarbon was introduced into the market in 2015. Decarbon, as the name suggests, mainly emphasises the phenomenon of carbon cleaning in engine systems. Carbon cleaning is said to be one of the most proven and effective methods to clean an engine as it has the ability to clean the parts where other cleaning processes cannot promise to penetrate.

The benefits of getting your vehicle get serviced at Decarbon is that it makes your vehicle engine more durable, more responsive and makes it run in a calm manner. The service at Decarbon improves the mileage of the vehicle by 30% and reduces engine noise and vibrations. The service lowers oil consumption, restores engine power, reduces black smoke, and reduces vehicle emissions there by protecting the environment. On the whole, Decarbon’s service enhances overall engine performance and prolongs engine life. Decarbon ensures that the entire process is safe and has no consequential effects on the engine. It is an astonishing fact that a highly efficient result can be achieved through this process without disassembling the parts of the car, and that this process does not involve the application of harmful chemicals that might be dangerous to the engine. Decarbon does not use any chemicals or additives during the service, and the gas that is released is a pure oxyhydrogen mixture, which is extremely safe, and the decarbonization process does not pollute the environment. After the service, Decarbon promises a more durable, more responsive, and calmer running engine.

Decarbon understands the amount of love and attachment a customer would have towards his vehicle, and Decarbon claims that even its team possesses the same love and will carry out the servicing process with the utmost care. They promise that happiness and customer satisfaction are guaranteed at Decarbon. Along with carbon cleaning, they take extra measures at every step to ensure a sustainable environment and their passion to help their customers is limitless. Carbon cleaning is an essential step, and Decarbon stands as the most trusted and worthwhile organisation that is capable of providing this service with the best parameters. Decarbon is also looking for partners to take up the franchises from all over India and they claim that the franchises can easily make more than a lakh per month.

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