Deepti Sharma Shares How She Started Her Journey at the Age of 14

Deepti Sharma is a renowned model, fashion diva and an actress. She has worked with various celebrated figures and big brands; known for her excellent delivery and skill she is a wonderful human and an amazing working professional. 

Our team interviewed Deepti Sharma getting insights of her personal and professional life. She shares her journey and all the ups and downs that she went through.

Hi Deepti, thank you for joining us today and willing to share your experiences.

Thank you for having me. I’m really looking forward to this conversation.

Q: Deepti can you please share how did you start your journey?

A: I started working when I was14 years old. It all started in Jalandhar, Punjab, my hometown as an actress/model. I took up initial projects, went to auditions and I did my first advertisement for Election Commission and Punjab government followed by a short YouTube film. I also did print shoots, shot music videos with aspiring singers and also with well-established singers.

Slowly and steadily, I took baby steps. For the change and upgrade I shifted to big cities where there were more opportunities like in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh etc.

There while I was studying and completing my formal education, I was also taking up small projects alongside.

Q: How did you manage taking up projects along with your studies and once your education was complete what were your plans?

A: I managed my academic life, personal life and professional life in a very balanced way. I always made sure that one doesn’t hinder the growth of another and that is how I successfully went through it. After my 12th, i.e., when I completed my formal education till 12th, I got an opportunity to join an aspiring modelling agency in Delhi and it was a dream come true. I shifted to Delhi and I set my foot there with bright ambitious eyes. With thousand dreams and plans— some planned some not.

Q: Deepti once you were out on your path what were the things to learnt during the initial days?

A: There were a lot of things that I learnt during my initial days. I believe those lessons; those learnings moulded me and brought the best version of me out. I learnt a lot and that even helps me today when I ‘m working and not to forget that was the first time I stepped out of my comfort and secure zone and explored the outer world. It was exciting and fun.

I explored and build connections, perfect networks, found mentor, struggled and everything. I did a lot of things like photo and video shoots, shorts films and videos, ramp walks, comedy shows etc. Some released as they were planned, some did not and some are in the process.

Q: You mentioned you have had your own share of struggles; can you share those with us?

A: Of course. After completing my schooling, I pursued graduation from open learning and in the first half 2019 there was a sudden boom of assignments and projects on my table. I was so happy but suddenly the COVID pandemic hit the world and everything was at halt. And, again my train was off; the track. 

I firmly believe that struggle is faced and it is very hard to pen it down in terms of words; I saw my parents moving from one city to another because of me. Then I saw struggles and hardships of starting a business on my own and there were a lot of other things that I faced.

Q: Who inspires you to keep going?

A: My elder brother— he is an athlete, and, I’ve seen him struggling in this journey. How hard and honestly, he works. When I look at him, his journey I get inspired and the zeal within me is refreshed. When I entered in the entertainment industry, I was a stranger here and everything was alien to me but I worked and learned, made errors. My journey has been a roller coaster ride full of struggles, questions, criticism from friends, relatives even neighbours when I stepped in modelling. But I rose above all thanks to my rock-solid dad and mom who stood by me during every phase. 

Q: What are your achievements in this journey?

A: On a lighter note, I received tremendous heart-whelming compliments. I have worked on various projects such as ramp walk for India Runway week, Gurugram International Couture week. I also did a world premiere of the web movie ‘Dhaani,’ followed by a comedy show, ‘Hassi ja Haspatal.’ A talk show with Rapido and apart from this I made connections, friendships— things that are priceless to me. 

This was a conversation with Deepti Sharma, a model, an entrepreneur and an amazing human.

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