GAME Institute helps you leverage gaming sector’s boom with high-quality, low-cost training

The future of gaming is exciting and those who want to make a name for themselves and earn big money have a world of opportunities in the industry. The good news is that you can now learn to make games like a pro from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is join the country’s highest rated gaming institute, GAME Institute, which provides online game making education.

Based in Mumbai, GAME Institute (GAME ART AND MULTIMEDIA ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED) is the only institute that imparts high quality core game development courses in India at an affordable rate.

Boom in the gaming industry

After the Covid-19 pandemic and its lockdowns, the number of gamers has increased. During lockdown when we were asked to stay home safe, most of the kids as well as adults took to playing online games.

According to a source, the number of gamers worldwide in 2021 was up 5.3% year on year, with around 3 billion gamers. This is because of the entertainment value of gaming and the way it connects with you with others distances apart. The rapid progress has also been driven by innovation and technological advances across different platforms and services. New technology and the introduction of a gaming consoles, mouse, and keyboards have also played a key role in the boom in the industry.

As it is with every other field, expertise in technology is the key to success in the gaming industry. But you need an expert who can train you on how to use that technology. GAME Institute can take you by the hand and make you a master of game making.

Why choose GAME Institute

Online education boomed during the pandemic, although Covid-19 became a nightmare for the world since it started in 2020. But, GAME Institute is different from other online schools. It is just not one of the online schools that mushroomed during the pandemic. As a matter of fact, it has been there for more than a decade.

Any Student after tenth grade can join career-based courses in video game development at the institute. It provides online courses with skilled teachers in the field to assist students discover the secrets and magic of game creation.

GAME Institute also offers Animation and Visual FX courses as there are more than 10 crore jobs to be filled in designing and animation worldwide. GAME Institute ’s students can learn to make better animation with quality training.

The institute’s gaming courses include 60 distinct job opportunities in the media, entertainment, and information technology industries.

Once the course is completed, GAME Institute offers internships and hires the finest candidates for the company’s game application production unit.

Some more benefits of GAME Institute

  • You can learn from anywhere and anytime as live classes are conducted by experts in gaming.  Live doubt solving sessions are among the key benefits of GAME Institute ‘s online training.
  • The team at GAME Institute helps you learn to make future ready games. The institute provides a wide range of platforms to learn gaming. Here you can learn to make rock-solid multiplayer, and blockbuster games.
  • Advanced job ready courses for people who are serious about making a career in gaming. It also provides 100% placement assistance in the gaming industry.

It is noteworthy that GAME Institute provides high quality training, but at a low cost. The institute’s USP is its education expertise, while its mission is to help the gaming industry by providing more practical and hands-on training based on current professional needs that are not currently available in India.

Growth & Achievements

Founding Directors – Mr. Mehul J. Acharya, Mr. Gopal B. Sharma, and Mr. Rakesh B. Sharma – teamed up to establish GAME Institute in 2008. Within a decade of its launch the company achieved a huge growth and also became a known brand in the Indian world of gaming. 

Initially GAME Institute started with basic animation courses and enjoyed a huge response for its unique concept. The institute then shifted its gears to advanced animation Courses like VFX, 2D/3D Animation, Graphics & Film Making. GAME institute eventually entered the gaming Industry to fulfill the actual mission and vision of its founders.

The three Founding Directors planted GAME Institute with a single branch, out of their passion for gaming. But, over the years the institute has grown into a tree with 5 branches.

GAME Institute became an award-winning gaming institute in 2021 when it was recognized as the Company of The year In Technical Education. The institute has been voted No.1 Professional Institute for gaming, animation, VFX & programming courses.

India is one of the most popular countries to which game making is outsourced. And, because it operates within the country, GAME Institute can help you take advantage of the demand in India’s booming gaming sector.

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