India’s Assembly Elections 2022

Inbox Matters Digital Proves How Programmatic Advertising Changed Political Campaigning

What is common between Indian National Congress (INC), Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD)? Apart from the fact that the three parties contested the recently concluded State Assembly elections in Punjab earlier this year, there is one more thing that is common to the election campaigns of the three political outfits- Inbox Matters Digital, the one who experimented with programmatic advertising.

Next Level of Advertising

For the uninitiated, Programmatic advertising is automated advertising that considers pre-determined factors like audience segregation, time of the day and geographical proximity. The new face of advertising is, efficient, affordable, precise and effective, and the company that has introduced this revolutionary aspect of advertising to India in the recent Assembly elections is Inbox Matters Digital (IMD). Describing the performance of programmatic advertising during Punjab elections, the company has claimed that it was able to deliver upto 30 crore impressions for the SAD Programmatic Campaign in just 10 days. On the other hand, working with several top leaders of the INC, IMD, used Facebook and YouTube, to launch a robust programmatic campaign, which delivered millions of impressions within a very short duration. The company also joined forces with AAP leaders for a similarly efficient election campaign using social media platforms and raking in millions of impressions and taking the party’s message across to the voters.

An Enriching Journey of Inbox Matters Digital

Launched in 2011, the company began with a desire of achieving a distinguished place in the world of media. After dabbling in digital signage during its initial years, IMD eventually carved its way into creatives, which lent a solid base to building the business further. A diverse team of unconventional thinkers, who are competent professionals too, creates out-of-the-box ideas for clients, which bring in epic outcomes as was proven during the Punjab elections. IMD happens to be one of those firms that like to spearhead an innovative journey into the field of digital marketing, which has already taken the world by storm. Quite different from the usual approach to advertising, IMD depends upon creativity and uniqueness of ideas to steer its clients’ business expectations. The company proclaims as its vision, “Our strategic approach towards our work helps our clients meet the variety of organizational goals. We Provide a Complete Programmatic Solution with Online Advertisement on Different Platforms like Website Traffic, Ad-Agency, Live Streaming, Content Marketing, Email & SMS Marketing.”

Not just Traditional Advertising

In order to help the brands engage with their targeted customers, IMD offers more than just programmatic advertising.  Some of their popular services are –

1) Demand-Side-Platform – It helps clients manage and optimize their mobile campaigns with IMD Demand Platform a full-featured mobile advertising platform with advanced traffic targeting optimization for advertisers and demand partners.

2) Email Marketing – You can easily Create, Send & Analyze Your Email Marketing Campaigns. Reach the Inbox, get The Best Value in Pro Email Marketing Tools.

3) Affiliate Marketing – Generate Quality B2B Leads and Track Conversions with IMD. Reach Influencers, Decision Makers, and The Leaders of Today and Tomorrow. #1 lead generation network!

However, throwing the Programmatic Advertising into the media mix has changed the whole game of marketing. Today, the economic benefits of this kind of advertising are multiple, some of which are as follows – Insight, Integration, Efficiency, and Objective!

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