India’s Best Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer- Nilkanth Engineering Works.

As an expert and a one-stop solution for concrete batching plants, Nilkanth Engineering Works is moving towards the cutting-edge advancement that provides high-quality components to add to the longevity, reliability for manufacturing the best quality Concrete Batching Plants.

But what exactly is Mobile Concrete Batch Plant?
A few years back, concrete was produced out of a stationary concrete plant and even the smallest of plants had to be installed at a particular spot that produced concrete at the same location. So, with time, mobile concrete batching plant was invented that is more flexible, easily transportable and easier to install when compared to the stationary concrete batching plant.  

Nilkanth has always been way ahead of other mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers and makes sure that the main unit of the mobile concrete batching plant can be easily transported through a truck or a tractor whereas for the transportation of a stationary plant minimum of 2 trucks would have been required. With proper electricity cabling, water and pneumatic system, the installation of a mobile concrete plant can be done in 1-2 days whereas, for the stationary plant, 3-4 days are required.

The advantages of the advancement of technology can also be seen in the construction industry:

  • There is an increase in the number of construction projects which leads to producing concrete at the location of construction.
  • So, with the course of time, a mobile concrete batching plant  was invented that is more flexible, easily transportable and easier to install when compared to the stationary concrete batching plant.

Plants supplied by us to these areas of India

After the pandemic, there was a considerate decrease in the number of sales but Nilkanth is back on its feet and is getting maximum orders of

15-18 plants to Uttar Pradesh, 7 plants to Maharashtra, 8-10 plants dispatched to Telangana and 25 plants to Gujarat in 2021-2022.

Being up in the game, Nilkanth has dispatched various concrete plants to Nigeria, Kenya and UAE in 2021-2022.

With the pandemic, the world was under a lockdown which led to travel restrictions. Nilkanth Engineering took the matters into their hands immediately and shifted everything online. Putting sales at the centre of our strategy, we updated our existing website, created videos to explain our products and established new social media campaigns to increase our online presence. As customer relationship is our priority, we hosted informative webinars and online meetings to build trust and educate our customers. The bottom line is that you can stay engaged with your customers online as well as offline if your major focus is your clients.

The government is releasing new tenders each day relating to the roads, hospitals, hostels, bridges and colleges. With the development of the infrastructure, there is an increase in demand for anything related to concrete, so, there has been an exponential increase in the need for the best quality Concrete Batching Plants.

Nilkanth’s Major Focus Area

  • Nilkanth’s major focus is customer satisfaction so we make sure to provide 100% spare-part delivery on availability of concrete batching plant on the same day.
  • Also, within 30 minutes, Performa Invoice is generated which is immediately emailed to the client so that he can expect the delivery of the spare parts on the same day.
  • Two major challenges that are being faced by the clients in the current market are the FEAR OF QUALITY and SERVICE DELAY.
  • But Nilkanth Engineering Works makes sure to give a 100% guarantee on the quality of its concrete batching plant and provides the same day service without any delay.

With the advancement in technology, the future of India is rapidly changing when it comes to the construction industry, especially concrete.
In 2020, the Indian concrete market size was estimated at over USD 15 million where the forecast shows a total of 9% increase during the year 2026.

As promised Nilkanth functions from a much larger factory space which has increased the manufacturing capacity of the concrete batching plant by manifolds and has introduced tower crane and transit mixer with the launch of the new factory.

Our Achievements

  1. Best Road and Civil Construction Equipment Manufacturer 2021
  2. Indian Glory Awards 2021
  3. Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award to Mr Hardik Solanki
  4. Best Operator Training Program Award 2021

Being one of the top manufacturers of Mobile Concrete Batch Plant in India, Nilkanth Engineering has become successful in becoming one of the most reputed manufacturers and exporters of all types of concrete plant.

 Nilkanth has made sure to keep meeting the expectations across diverse industrial segments by making use of the latest technology. Please contact us and let us know if we can assist you regarding Concrete Batch Plant. 

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