Industrial design company builds user understanding and crafts meaning to achieve impact.

Industrial design is the process of designing products used by people all around the world. The people designing the products are known as Industrial designers, and various industries utilize the products designed by the industrial designers for manufacturing. The industries mass-produce the products and supply them to the people.

Industrial design determines not only the physical appearance of the product but also various aspects like functionality, efficiency, and producibility. 

History of Industrial design:

The industries have existed for a very long time. The industrial revolution of the 19th century was a guiding force for their rapid growth and achieving a more significant impact on human lives in the last century. The industrial revolution has simultaneously given rise to the concept of industrial design.

In the early stages of industrial design, the prime focus was only on the appearance and style aspect of the product. It required industrial designers to make the product look good and appealing, with no consideration to the functionality and manufacturability. However, it changed with the emergence of design consultancies. The design consultancies offered the design services to companies with no in-house design teams. The design process evolved with time, from only covering the looks aspect to accommodating the functionality and various other facets.

Industrial design company:

Modern-day industrial design companies like Future Factory work with different industries to design products that impact society. The design studios have a team of designers, engineers, and researchers with the necessary design tools that aid in this process.

The product design is not limited to humans but also impact the lives of animals, plants, and trees.

Designing has several steps to be followed to achieve a perfect design. The process starts from the ideation stage and ends with the manufacturing. 

The ideation stage comprises of developing ideas and concepts for the product. In the next step, ideas are drawn onto sketches and rendered in 3D models. Further, the models are used to build the prototypes of the product. Prototypes are necessary as they help determine the performance and efficiency of the product. Prototype products undergo continuous testing and breaking to help choose the best version of the product. The prototype that performs the best in testing is considered the final design choice. In the final stage, the industrial design companies, with the help of engineers and material experts, manufacture the product. 

The industrial design process is thus not an easy one. Immense dedication and expertise go on while designing a product. Deep research is required to understand the multiple perspectives on the product. The product must be perfect in every aspect to create an impact on society. Today’s times demand the product and manufacturing process to be more sustainable to help the degrading environment. The influence of industrial design studios should not only be limited to human lives. It should even impact other lives on the planet.


Industrial design companies and industrial design are constantly evolving to provide great designed products to all living beings. Industrial design firms like Future Factory have been innovating and building user understanding to achieve a positive impact on our planet.

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