Jiss Victor- The man behind the unconventional idea of Mrs. World beauty pageant in UAE

Fashion has the power to transcend thoughts and convey emotions. Fashion isn’t just about clothes or colors, it isn’t about trends or styles. Fashion is something more than these quantitative and qualitative factors. The type of clothes we wear reflects the way we think and could even express our perceptions and the way we look at the world and people. On the other hand, fashion is a creative and thought provoking field that has no limits nor boundaries. It is an endless ocean that has a lot to explore and experiment with to inspire, aspire, and bring dreams into reality. RageNyou Fashions, founded by Jiss Victor, is all about fashion. They conduct and organise fashion shows and have introduced numerous new models and choreographers into the fashion industry.

From his college days, Jiss Victor had an inclination towards fashion and the urge to pursue fashion as a career. In addition to this, he also possessed an interest in doing social work and pursued a masters in social work and further worked with many international organisations. He has been an integral part of many social welfare activities and charities and played a crucial role in bettering the lives of many people. Jiss Victor loves to spend time with people, talking to them, and often says that it is the best way to become wise. But, deep inside, his interest in the fashion industry never died and he used to follow a lot of fashion shows on a regular basis and wondered what things would happen in the backstage. Switching to the fashion industry all of a sudden is a risk that deserves appreciation and some might even call it an unwise step, but beating all the odds, Jiss Victor managed to overcome all the setbacks and became a pioneer in the fashion industry and he is the recipient of Nations Icon Award.

Jiss Victor has more than 9 years of experience in the fashion industry and has worked with many international designers and models, and has been associated with several fashion shows and beauty pageants like International Fashion Week-Dubai and Miss India, and is now the director of Mrs. World. Mrs. World is the world’s first beauty pageant for married women.

When asked what inspired and drove him to start rageNyou fashions, Jiss Victor says that his life and experiences taught him a lot, and that he would try to learn and grasp things from both positive and negative events. He often says that the secret behind the driving force is to consider life as a game that gets more interesting with every passing day. Jiss Victor describes himself as a practical dreamer who would work and strive in every possible way to achieve his dreams. Indeed, he is a practical dreamer, and what would be a better justification than this journey to justify this statement.

Even though, Jiss Victor ventured into the fashion industry out of the blue, he never had the chance to regret that decision. He devoted the required time and effort to become what he is today. Jamie Chandran, wife of Jiss Victor, deserves true appreciation for staying through the thick and thin of Jiss Victor’s life. Jiss Victor added that he would always be grateful to Shreeja Prashanth, Director of Talismanian, who is a great supporter of all his shows. Jiss Victor’s story is another piece of tale that inspires people to pursue what they are truly interested in and sets an example for those who wish to start their career at a late age.

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