Kamal Balotra – The renowned Makeup and Hair Styling expert who gives you the best look.

Who would not want to look beautiful on special occasions and important days? A special occasion is something that is cherished forever, and everyone wishes to look and wear their best on that occasion. Kamal Balotra is an experienced and renowned name in the bridal makeup and hair industry. Kamal Balotra is now a famous name in the bridal makeup world, and he is now what he is because of his struggle, dreams, and dedication to fulfill those dreams.

Kamal Balotra hails from Pathankot and has finished all his education in Pathankot itself. Like every young man, even Kamal Balotra dreamt of becoming successful and living life to the fullest. But, people who are ready to work hard, devote time, sacrifice, and burn like a sun to live the life of their choice, and Kamal Balotra is one of those few who has burnt enough to become what he is today. Kamal Balotra’s journey is inspiring and thought-provoking from his childhood. After completing his education in Pathankot, Kamal Balotra reached Delhi with pinned hopes and was on the lookout for opportunities where he could learn, excel, and prove himself and his worth. A durable cover to support an aspirant’s creative side is essential. Kamal Balotra joined as a computer-aided designer and then switched jobs in Delhi to meet the financial requirements in his journey to achieve and do big. After a while in Delhi, Kamal Balotra had to move to Pathankot again and joined the Municipal Corporation of Pathankot on the basis of survival instincts. Success never seems clear and crystal. One has to unravel the knots and cross the setbacks to find them. Kamal Balotra believed in the same and kept hope and had faith in himself, and one fine day, he left his job at the Municipal Corporation and moved to Chandigarh to work in makeup, hair styling, and beauty services. He moved to Delhi to make great things happen after gaining some industry experience and learning the ropes. 

Kamal Balotra has made a significant impact in the industry by emphasising that makeup is more than just applying creams to the skin; it is the art of showcasing beauty while considering a variety of factors such as attire and skin type, and many others. Right from the start, Kamal Balotra has always assured all his customers of the best possible look matching their skin, attire, and personality. Kamal Balotra believes that learning is a continuous process and puts this into practice by always keeping himself busy by keeping up with the new trends in the makeup industry. His dedication and devotion towards his job gained him a large customer base and fame and a name in the makeup industry. He had many clients all over the city and had worked with many marriages, giving the brides the best look for memorable occasions.

Kamal Balotra’s Makeup Studio and Beauty Salon consist of the man himself, Kamal Balotra, and a team of experienced and talented craftsmen who possess abundant levels of expertise. The team uses international makeup brands such as Derma, Huda, MAC, Kryolan, Makeup Forever, Nars, and Bobbi Brown on all the brides. They provide customised bridal packages that include various services such as countouring, eye makeup, saree, or lehenga draping. Some packages offer the services to even the family and friends of the bride. Besides bridal makeup, Kamal Balotra even offers his services for birthdays, anniversaries, social parties, festivities, and corporate events. The team is ready to travel anywhere to provide their services in and outside Delhi.

Kamal Balotra has been humble and dedicated since the start of the journey and never ever took the pride of becoming famous. This sincere quality took him to great heights. He has even been associated with some of the favorite Bollywood celebrities such as Rajpal Yadav, Sunil Shetty, Shreyas Talpade, Randeep Hooda, Badshah, Raftaar, Pooja Bhatt, and many other well-known artists. He even collaborated with the media industry by offering his services to Doordarshan TV serials, Punjabi channels, and reality shows such as Zee Saregamapa, PTC Miss Punjab, and Voice of Punjab, and advertisements for big firms like Coco-Cola, Idea, and many others. Kamal Balotra’s story is inspiring and gives a ray of hope to those who wish to excel in a creative field. It sets an example that one should be patient and sincere to achieve success. With all his dedication and love for his dream, he has become such a good man now.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KamalBalotraKB/ 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kamalbalotramakeups?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y 

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