kausty is a successful Digital Creator and a YouTuber known for his knowledge and experience in this Digital Era.

It is said that change is the only constant and it stands true if we look around ourselves. Everything has been changing around us and for someone who wants to be relevant all the time, the only way is to keep adapting with the changes.

From word-of-mouth marketing to digital marketing, or to digital content creator, we have come a long way.

It takes a lot to be a competent YouTuber with loads of subscribers. You need good content, effective content and consistent efforts to digitally promote the same. So, with lots of effort, you end up becoming a digital creator on the web landscape. One such name is Kausty, a digital content creator and social media influencer known for his knowledge and experience in this digital world. He has always been associated with content and music business jobs.

YouTube Channels: He manages two channels Tech with kausty and Free Tv Kausty, which have a sizable number of subscribers. He is young, multi-talented, and a highly motivated person. His influential content on YouTube and Instagram is mostly about a lifestyle, Tech Update and Travel Vlogs. His youtube channel Tech with Kausty is all about Youtube Tips, unboxing, product review and tech update on the other side his personal vlog channel Free Tv Kausty on youtube is all about Travel vlogs and capturing weekly lifestyle vlogs in vertical format. 

The prime motive of Tech with kausty youtube channel is to support other creators to grow on youtube. Being in this space for years now, kausty has understood the art of the digital world very well. A lot of people ask me the recipe for success on YouTube, but it’s a hard question to answer. The secret to success can be different for different creators. However for me, it was the consistency of uploading videos and keeping the video content relevant for my subscribers. According to him, one should always keep the 3 tips to boost your digital presence in mind while working on their digital presence

1) Content is the king

2) Decode your target audience

3) Connect with the audience through Live sessions/Instagram Stories Etc.

Why YouTube is important for me

When I first began making videos, I was really shy and awkward. I found it very uncomfortable to talk in front of a camera in a room, all by myself. If my family members were around, it would make me lose my nerves even more! However, time teaches you many things doesn’t it? Slowly but surely, as I started realizing that the more natural and comfortable I am in front of the camera, my subscribers will get to know me better and better. I grew confident with every video and started to love the creativity. My youtube channel Tech with kausty channel offer learning to other people and I feel connected to my audience when I teach them something and as I mentioned my Vlog channel Free Tv Kausty is all about the amature story teller inside me finding his way to express.

Apart from being a content producer, what else do you do to keep yourself charged up and the toxins of the rat race cleansed?

As I’m already working full time for an International organization, my life revolves around content and music. Be it in the office or my personal space. And yes if i really want to take a break from screen time, I prefer to go to mountains on a road trip.

So back to the question – What is the recipe for success on YouTube? I would say:

Upload consistently to keep your subscriber interested

Use actionable analytics data to understand your audience better

Keep your spirits up and stop worrying about haters and their comments

Happy YouTubing and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Tech with kausty


& Free Tv Kausty https://www.youtube.com/c/Freetvkausty

You can also follow me on Instagram @imkausty


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