Meet the team behind Pastel Weasley Fam(Lightulb NFT)

Do you worry? That you don’t know about NFT. Read this article to know about NFT and Pastel Weasley Fam NFT launched by LightulbFam. When gold was sold for less price, people never bought it in the olden days, and after price reached to the moon they realized the value of gold. When cell phone companies were changing to android, some of the companies stood with their own OS but unluckily they got kicked out of the market because of not updating themselves along with the trend. It doesn’t mean that you have to do what others do, but when it has a value of changing human life in the world, then it should be. Now it is the time for NFT, from Microsoft to Apple are entering into NFTs and Metaverse to enrich their technology to provide more realistic experience to their customers. NFT means Non Fungible Token, it means every NFT is unique and it has their own value. Like gold can be traded with same type of other gold, but Mona Lisa paint can be done in the same way? No, because it’s unique. The same formula applies to NFTs.

Pastel Weasley Fam NFT is launched by LightulbFam, they are the same people who launched Metawitch on Opensea platform which got so trended because of the stories of each Metawitch. It is a collection of 2000 Pastel Metawitches and their daughters. Unique about this NFT is their pastel colours used for all the designs, which is very rare in the NFT platforms. Attractive, adorable and admiring color which steals the buyers’ attention to grab it immediately, because it is a very rare collection. Women empowerment in the NFT platform is shown continuously by launching NFTs based on women by Lightulb and LightulbFam. Only pastel NFT which can be buy around 50$ is Pastel Weasley Fam, when Metawitches enter to Metaverse, Pastel Weasley Fam price rule metaworld with their collections. Still don’t know? How to collect? Checkout Opensea and twitter platform to know more about their NFTs.

A group of school and college students launched NFT is Pastel Weasley Fam, but they are not new to it because it is their second project. Let’s go through the founders of LightulbFam,

Shruti Bafna is a 17 year old school girl, who studying 11th student got the idea of launching her own NFT. To buy a NFT was very difficult for her because of their higher price, so she brought up with the idea of launching her own NFT to his cousin. Later she formed a team and launched 2 NFT projects successfully.

Neo is our advisor, who is the backbone of our project. He is into crypto and NFT for a long time. Guidance to launch NFTs, to reach investors to pitch our ideas and other major decisions are given by the advisor.

Nandha is into NFT for a short time but crypto is more than six months. He got introduced to crypto and NFT through his well-known friend. Articles, white paper, launching and other decisions are done from his side for the project.

Shashank Singh is final year law college student, who got introduced into NFT because he was not able to answer about for a NFT question, when he was in an interview. It made him to learn about NFT, later he approached advisor and Nandha to join in a team.

Arya is first year college student, who is focused on future goals to accomplish it. She wants to keep her knowledge with all the updates that happening in technical industry since she is into Computer Science engineering. So she got in a team through her sister, who was a part of team.

Apurwa Singh is first year law college student, though she is a law student, she has more interest towards technology. Thinking her future, she wanted to do some part time work to enrich her knowledge to know what’s happening around her.

Kumar Kavish is a CMA intermediate student ( Cost & Management Accountant ), As he is more into finance and strategy field. He is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) His focal point to execute business plans. He assists the company to work effectively and ensures its financial strength

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