When it comes to accomplishing your dreams, there is no shortcut. The only way to achieve what your heart desires is to work passionately, and Mohd Haidar exemplifies it. He has worked his way up to be a renowned Actor social media influencer. Thriving for challenges and constantly setting goals for himself allowed Haidar to climb up the ladder of triumph.

Mohd Haidar completed his Bachelor’s degree in Saifia College. Like most people, he had to struggle a lot during the initial period of his career. But unlike several others, Haidar knew his ways of recognising opportunities. Taking the right decisions started working in his favour. As a career-oriented person, Haidar tried exploring various professions, including modelling. His modelling career allowed him to be in the eye of the public.

Gradually, Mohd Haidar started connecting with his fans. This helped him increase the number of followers on his social media handle. Today, he is followed by more than 2.1 Million people on Josh App, 10K followers on Instagram and 5k on Facebook. Haidar’s creative skills pushed him towards his goals.

He loves working on acting, even if it isn’t the stereotypical way of generating income. Haidar firmly believes that nothing will stop you from achieving what you deserve when you start following your passion. Smashing the stereotype was no less than a challenge, but his tenacity allowed him to become successful. Today, Mohd Haidar is a verified star on Josh, Chingari, Tiktok, and Google platforms.

When Mohd Haidar was asked about his success, he said, “You will always have to be up for challenges. No achievements come easy. Just turn your weaknesses into your strength and start working towards your accomplishments.” In addition to several other professional works, Mohd Haidar also likes trading.

Even after being at the pinnacle of success, Mohd Haidar is striving hard to be better at his profession. His odyssey to his dream life will be challenging, but Haidar’s determination will lead him to his victory.

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