Mozart Automobiles will be launching Electric Car by the beginning of 2023

At a time its ride-hailing business is limping back to normality after months of Covid-induced lockdown, the company is building India’s largest two-wheeler factory and has already launched two vehicles from its stable with multiple stores opening across the country.

The electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly in India. Mozart Automobiles has already ventured in the market with its E-bike and E-scooter on the road. Having marked its presence in the electric vehicle industry, it is now soon going to tap the electric car segment soon.

 The Indian automobile industry is currently ranked 5th largest industry in the world and is expected to be the 3rd largest automobile industry by 2030 and the aim of Mozart Automobile is to make India the electric hub for the vehicles.

 The past modes transport will not cater to the increasing demands and needs of people considering the inflation rate, therefore there is a need for change in the mobility requirement and reduction in the import of crude oil. The Government of India is working towards developing a green future for Indian mobility and a strong EV policy.

The co-founder Ankita Chaudhary also mentioned that the company has already been working and planning towards the vehicle’s manufacturing and is confident about entering the electric car space by the beginning of 2023.

The Launch of Ebike and scooter was well received by the consumer and henceforth have been generating multiple store for the sale of Mozart vehicles.

The need to transform mobility to electric is there, and we can see what’s happening with pollution, so we have to build for the future paradigm, we have to build for future technology, and in mobility, it has to be electric, said Rohit Joon, Co Founder of Mozart Automobiles.
The primary purpose for Mozart Automobile with the venture into E-cars is to provide a well alternate to the people of the country where the inflation price is high and indeed will help in improvement in terms of pollution and climate change said Mohit Singh Joon CTO

Also, India is a signatory to the Paris Climate Agreement, which means that the country needs to reduce its carbon emissions by around 35 percent of its 2005 levels by 2030. The government has tried everything—from tax cuts to manufacturing incentives in the automobile sector—to kickstart an EV revolution in the country.

Mr. Rohit Joon, C0-founder of Mozart Automobile has also confirmed the launch of the four wheelers by the beginning of 2023 .If the rumours are to be believed then then the electric car will cater to the urban environment. The target audience will include both personal and fleet buyer.

This switch to EV not only saves the environment but also helps reduce the import of crude oil in the country. The central and the state governments have taken up the initiative to promote the electric vehicle industry and have launched many schemes to encourage the citizens to adopt for electric vehicles.

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