Nagaland tribal boy Merenzungba is representing India in Mr World Heritage Contest

Mumbai- Looks Like, northeast boys are dominating in male pageants, in India. This year in the Mr India International contest, 3 winners, out of 4, are from the northeast region. Merenzungba, a tribal boy from Nagaland won the heart of the judges and the Mumbaikars in the Mr India International 2022 pageant which recently happened in the economic capital of India – Mumbai. 

Out of the top 12 male finalists, Meren becomes the winner of the title of Mr India International 2022- Mr World Heritage India. He will be representing India in Mr World Heritage Competition in June. 

During the event, he pleased everyone with his pleasing personality and charming face. His sharp facial features and toned physique made him a future perfect runway model. He got 332244 online votes from all over India.

When we asked him about his plan:
he chucked and replied- “I have just started my journey, beside study I want to pursue as a model and want to make India proud. I want to inspire many talented boys and girls from Nagaland to join the mainstream fashion industry as they have huge potential but lack opportunity.” 

So how are you preparing for Mr World Heritage?
“Well, I am under the mentorship of Shiva sir and he is guiding and helping me in the preparation of Mr World Heritage Pageant. We are doing lots of research on Naga culture and we both want to showcase Naga tribal heritage on the Mr World Heritage platform. The world will experience a different culture and heritage side of India. I am following a strict routine to be in shape and lots of other different trainings for the pageant.”

Beside Fitness, what kind of other trainings are required?
Meren Replied “Pageant is not just about physique, you need lots of different skills to win the race, such as public speaking training, voice training, etiquette training, Posture training, and most important you need to know the heritage & the history of your country very well to represent in Mr World Heritage pageant.”

How’s your feel, when you won Mr India International Title?
He said “at the beginning, i was very nervous. Representing your state is not that easy. There are lots of responsibilities, but you must be strong and confident when you are on stage. I tried my best and finally the blessing of my family and god, I won the title”.

So, what’s your plan for the future? 
“I want to do big in the fashion and glamour industry and want to inspire the youth of my state Nagaland. I want to tell them that dream big and work hard to achieve it. Pain is temporary but people only remember your success. So give your best.“

Meren wants to pursue his career in the fashion and glamour field and wants to become an icon of India. When we asked the pageant director shiva sir about his point of view, he replied, “ There are many hidden talents in the northeast part of the India and talenticaa is committed to providing them with a national platform and identity to showcase themselves.  I am looking forward to Meren winning the title of Mr World Heritage, but the competition is high. Meren is a very talented guy, but he needs to work hard to achieve this.”

The pageant industry is soaring high, and youth are joining this like never before. After winning some prominent international titles by Indian female models, now the male models are also trying their best to represent India internationally and make India proud. The pageant is a perfect way to promote tourism and culture around the world. The country like the Philippines, Thailand and Venezuela add good revenue to their country’s GDP by organizing pageants and promoting tourism through it. India should organize more pageant and international fashion events and open a new door to tourism more.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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