Payal Jain Epitomizing the Soul of an Entrepreneur & Ecopreneur with Vigor E-Bikes!.

In this head-to-head era of innovations where a creative idea can turn into a robust business by putting in a sea of efforts, there’s no distinction between a man and a woman running a venture. What matters lies in the person’s thought process, ideation, potential, and everlasting desire to give wings to their aspirations with an aim to give back to society. Going along the course of time, we have seen many powerful women entrepreneurs flourish as accomplished businesswomen. But in this evolving generation, becoming an entrepreneur isn’t enough. Owing to the disastrous effects we humans have put on our mother nature, we need to combine our ideology with nature-driven approaches to cater to not only society but also the environment where we live in.

One such revolution has been introduced by Mrs. Payal Jain, who has been working incessantly in line with new advancements to introduce eco-friendly practices to humanity. In the wake of her passion for sports and love for the environment, she decided to begin something related to the same niche. That’s when Mrs. Payal Jain (Founder) initiated Vigor E-Bikes.

An Insight into the Inception of Vigor E-Bikes

Sparing a thought of beginning something related to sports, Mrs. Payal came to an intense realization while brainstorming the problem statement. She comprehended two main attributes. One was that in this period of hustle-bustle, people don’t have enough time to pay heed to their health. Another was related to nature, i.e., getting affected due to our reckless and inattentive activities. Somehow both the aspects seemed correlated. By introducing Vigor E-Bikes that can be used as a bicycle and bike alternatively, as suited by the user, Mrs. Payal decided to contribute her part to society as well as nature.

Going by the same token, she introduced Vigor E-Bikes with an ambition of:

  • Developing a ‘Made in India’ product that goes well with the Indian lifestyle.
  • Bringing forth an innovation that will help the world to stay green while reducing carbon footprint by controlling pollution.
  • Offering a solution to humanity that can help them stay fit while fulfilling their day-to-day needs.

Hailing from Rajasthan, Mrs. Payal introduced this idea during the pandemic while the world was struggling with severe health-related adversities, and staying fit was the only ask. Due to the nationwide lockdown, while her employees were working from their homes, she devoted her time to researching about from where to source the parts for the E-Bike, studying about the market and its needs, and developing a robust marketing team to circulate the idea better.

The USP of Vigor E-Bike 

  • Comprises 20-inch-thick wheels that work efficiently on Indian roads.
  • Needs to be charged again after traveling approx. 60km at once, which is more than sufficient.
  • Allows the user to switch modes as per their convenience. The user can paddle when they want to use a bicycle, and they can switch to the e-bike mode as they feel tired, thus offering them the best of both worlds.
  • Facilitates all the ways to serve society and nature altogether.

The Future of Vigor E-Bikes

Understanding the need of the hour and realizing the avant-garde advancements, Mrs. Payal revealed that there’s so much more to come in the year 2022 and ahead. She is planning to incorporate AI and ML practices in the e-bike in order to introduce advanced features like voice recognition unlock system, AI-enabled maps, ML-driven user-based location suggestion system, etc. Mrs. Payal Jain, being the sole entrepreneur and ecopreneur behind this idea, intends to bring this innovation to the doorsteps of everyone so that every living asset on this earth can benefit from its advantages.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly automobile that not only allows to save nature reduce pollution but also enables you to stay fit while performing your day-to-day tasks, then Vigor E-Bike is the way to go. Book right now by clicking this link –

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