Planning for a Trip to Gujrat? Here’s What You Need to Follow!

The land of lions and legends, Gujrat is one such state which has laid the very foundation of mankind, be it the Indus valley civilization or high-speed rail corridors. It is an incredible tourist spot owing to its mesmerizing beaches, historic capitals, and temple towns. The hill resorts, wildlife sanctuaries, natural grandeur, sculptures, arts, handicrafts, and festivals are its gifts, making it rich. 

 Below are some of the major attractions of Gujrat:

  • Gir National Park

Gir National Park, the biggest dry deciduous forest, should be on the top of your vacay list in the light of the fact that it is the only park in the world where Asiatic Lion can be spotted. The credit goes to all the conservational reserves; the number has only been increasing. With a total of 3000 sorts of birds, the wildlife you will be able to see is just amazing. It acts as a kick-start for the trip and makes the rest of it more exciting. 

  • Kutch Region 

The fascinating great Rann of Kutch will give you a surreal experience with its landscapes and is renowned as a photographer’s delight. Being one of the biggest salt deserts, it has gained popularity as an offbeat travel destination. Historic Bhuj, villages, and vibrant traditional handicrafts are some of the other attractions of the region. 

  • Dwarka 

The former capital of Gujrat, Dwarka, is one of the significant Char Dham Hindu pilgrimage sites. This ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna is the most peaceful place in the country. Dwarka Beach and Shivrajpur beach are ideal places to hang out. Shivrajpur Beach has been awarded a Blue Flag certificate for cleanliness and water clarity. A complete package destination, Dwarka is a noteworthy place to travel along. 

  • Statue of Unity 

The world’s tallest sculpture, the Statue of Unity in Kevadiya, is dedicated to the Independence Activist of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Standing 182 meters tall, it is approximate twice the size of the Statue of Liberty. There are various amenities available all around the statue, which includes water rafting, boating, zip-lining, etc. Luxury hotel accommodation such as The Fern Sardar Sarovar Resort will offer you the best piece of architecture and comfort. 

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Here is a list of attractions that you can visit in Kevadiya and make the most out of your stay!

  • Unity Glow Garden

Unity Glow Garden is a unique attraction with glowing artifacts. The best time to visit this place is after sunset to enjoy the lighting. One can plan their itinerary in a way that they can visit Unity Glow Garden after seeing the laser show at the Statue of Liberty.

  • Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is one of the most loved attractions in Kevadia. It is enjoyed immensely by kids especially. One can find rare animals and birds here. The best months to visit here are December and January.

  • Vishwa Van

Vishwa Van, or the Global Forest, is a beautiful attraction spread over an area of 2 hectares. It is especially recommended for people who appreciate flora. It harbors herbs, shrubs, and trees that are native to all the seven continents of the world, thereby adding more significance to the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

  • Nauka Vihar

It is a 45 minutes boating ride that covers a round trip for the nearby places. One can enjoy the views of scenic mountains, spot crocodiles in the river, capture the sight of peacocks and other birds, and can even spot leopards on the banks of the river. To add to your comfort, there is a free car ride service from the Statue of Unity to Nauka Vihar that comes after every 45 minutes.

  • Zarvani and Khalwani Cycling Tour

Cycling enthusiasts and outdoor activities lovers can enjoy this activity as it would surely prove to be an experience to cherish throughout life. The cycling tour is for three hours, and the group is accompanied by the tour guide. One feels they are in the lap of mother nature when they see lush green mountains on either side of the roads. The breathtaking flora and fauna in the deep forests add to the beauty, and bonding with the group members during the ride adds more joy to the whole experience.

Apart from these activities and attractions, one can have fun by exploring other must-visit places in Kevadiya by getting in touch with the reception staff at The Fern Sardar Sarovar Resort, thus ensuring that the trip to Gujarat becomes enjoyable and memorable to the fullest!

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