Prathmesh Katte Envisions to Guide Indian Youth with His Able Leadership Skills.

Inspired by the idea of serving the nation, many social activists maintain their commitment to social work and for, the empowerment of farmers and youth and finding innovative and novel solutions to their problems. 

Born on April 4, 1997, in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, the social activist Prathmesh Katte comprehends the ideology of an ordinary man. It is dedicating his time and energy to solving social problems and all the issues that the commoner has to go through. 

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. There are numerous inspirational social activists who are climbing the social ladder and are working meticulously towards bringing a change in society. Having a crystal clear eye towards his ulterior goals, the politician is striving hard and is taking steps that promote the welfare and upliftment of the middle-class segment of society. The social activist is also working towards nurturing the notion of higher standards of education and skill development. Infrastructure improvement and the availability of information are viewed as a fundamental necessity by him. The leader is also focussing on infrastructure advancement, food security, nutrition, and addressing the development of the agricultural sector.  

Sharing his vision, the social leader says, “A company should always foster a customer-centric approach to emerge as successful in the competition-driven marketplace. I have always prioritized the demands of my customers more than anything else and every bussing entrepreneur should focus on the same. In today’s dynamic marketplace, my goal will always be on taking my products to the next level to cater to my customers with high-quality services.”

Guiding the young entrepreneurs and new startups, the philanthropist Prathmesh Katte says, “India’s young population is its most valuable asset and the most pressing challenge as well. It provides India with a unique demographic advantage. But this opportunity will be lost without proportionate investment in human capital development. At the same time, the world today is more dynamic and uncertain than ever before. As India undergoes rapid and concurrent economic, demographic, social, and technological shifts, it must be ensured that its progression is inclusive and is shared by all sections of the society. India won’t manifest the true growth potential if its youth is not able to participate adequately and productively in its economy.”

The politician was felicitated by DYSP in 2019 as a “COVID-19 Fighter” in Pandharpur for his commendable efforts towards the growth of society. Prathmesh Katte who is the president of sankalp Pariwar social foundation, chairman of sankalp nagari sahakari Patsanstha pandharpur, sankalp pariwar milk and milk product pvt ltd, Lok sankalp Agro industry ltd, Sankalp Pariwar goat farm. With his compassionate efforts and concerned approach, the social activist has proved himself instrumental in uplifting many lives and has been a shining ray of hope for the downtrodden. 

Sankalp Pariwar social Foundation is a non-profit food rescue organization initiated by Prathmesh Katte that bridges the gap between hunger and excess food. Having started in 2018 under the able mentorship of Prathmesh Katte, the NGO aims to eliminate hunger, malnutrition, and food wastage. The NGO picks up excess food from weddings, events, hotels, cafeterias, and housing societies and delivers it to thousands of hungry people who live in slums or on the footpath. Other than that, the NGO is also known for distributing freshly cooked food to regular beneficiaries. 

The leader’s industrious efforts are being appreciated for the remarkable work that he is doing for the nation. He is known for working round the clock to ensure that the people did not have to suffer from a lack of opportunities and proper facilities that every individual deserves to have. With his diligent efforts, he is making sure to bring a difference in the lives of people.
Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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