Saisharan Gandhi & Arnav Gandhi started MEATYOUR which now sells 1.5 lakh eggs every month.

21-year-old boy Saisharan Gandhi started MEATYOUR (An Organic Eggs Home delivery startup) with his brother Arnav Gandhi. They started this brand to deliver Fresh, Odourless Eggs Directly from their farm to customers’ doorstep. 

In March 2020, Saisharan & Arnav got struck with the idea of delivering these eggs D2C as they were supplying these eggs to many brands and thought, “why not deliver their farm eggs directly to Customers.”

As the Covid Pandemic came, many customers requested them to deliver their eggs, and Saisharan thought, “let’s start the deliveries.” Initially, the founders went themselves to deliver the eggs to learn the logistics behind it as the product they were trying to deliver is very fragile. They also checked if the business was scalable or not. They took feedback from the customers. Eventually, Saisharan & Arnav Came to know the power of “Odourless Eggs,” and they started scaling up. 

They allow their Hens to roam around in an open environment and eat grass & worms. They also give fruits and veggies to their hens for additional nutrition. 

Customers are loving their brown eggs, and now they are getting lots of repeat orders and high retention rates. 

Their main advantage is that their eggs are odourless. Their customers’ main reason to buy is that their children love eating eggs. They say, ” Our kids are now insisting on making eggs daily.”

Now they serve more than 20000 customers, with daily sales crossing above 50 Thousand rupees just Online. 

They were also Shown on Shark Tank India recently and were Aired in Ep 10 -31 December. They also got a deal from 3 sharks. 

MEATYOUR aims to deliver 1 lakh eggs daily with the help of funds and introduce new SKUs like Free range chicken and meats. 

The founders are also introducing tech into their brands by making it automated. 

They are currently working in two cities: Pune and Mumbai. They are able to deliver all their products the next day as they have introduced the Hub system in their model. 

The founders of MEATYOUR say that they Aspire to become Amul of Eggs.

They say they want every Indian to eat their eggs without any hesitation, without the problem of smell.

MEATYOUR website:

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