Sandesh Deshmukh, and his vision to create 1000+ employment opportunities in the next 3 years!

In today’s digital world, having an online presence for a business is becoming extremely necessary. Sandesh Deshmukh, the Founder Director, and CEO of Proceed Digital Private Limited is assisting Brands in establishing a strong presence and achieving success through his inventive branding and marketing strategies.

Prior to continuing, it would be fantastic to know something encouraging about him. Knowing his journey is very impactful to individuals who want to do something in their lives but don’t know where to start. He tackled several challenges in his life with strong faith and a positive attitude.

In his childhood, he observed not only his family but also many others struggle with daily life challenges. Thus, he made a strong decision not to continue living this same life, and this decision sparked a desire in him, and he set his sights on having a fulfilling life and achieving something great.

He faced several challenges throughout his life, yet he didn’t lose his confidence. He had a great deal of faith in himself and had committed to some truly admirable goals, and this was beyond the imagination of all.

Mr. Sandesh Deshmukh is an eager person who enjoys learning new things and expanding his knowledge. While preparing for his graduation, he decided to give entrance to big shark MBA institutes in India. Since his vision is to see Nashik city flourish, and was curious about how these businesses worth rupees 1000+ crores are built he prepared, gave the exam, and got selected for one of the best MBA colleges in Maharashtra which was on rank 4. At the same time, he observed that students who have completed a Digital Marketing course are given preference at colleges over others. At that point, he decided to pursue his interest in learning Digital Marketing.

He enrolled in the Digital Marketing Course and excelled in the course curriculum. Gradually After a few months, he decided not to pursue an MBA and instead to start a Digital Marketing Company right away. And for him, that marked a turning point. He never considered what others would say or what would happen if he took this step since it was a hasty decision.

In 2019, he established his firm with the aim of becoming the finest branding and marketing company. The company is today prominent as one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies. Furthermore, the company has an expert and talented team, as well as over 550+ clients in various cities, states, and countries!

Sandesh Deshmukh envisions Proceed Digital as the preferred Digital Marketing Company, with the primary goal of eventually building a team of 100 highly competent leaders who will add value to 1000’s of people and businesses.

His polite and professional demeanor with everyone demonstrates his knack for understanding and encouraging people. Similarly, he and his teams are assisting many businesses with digital advancements to boost their productivity, and eventually drive the expansion of their businesses.

With a strong aim and many obstacles to overcome, he proved that if you truly want to do something great, you must make wise decisions and maintain a positive attitude in life.

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