The journey of becoming a designer has given me lots of experiences, some of which have inspired my personality, approach to design, and motivation to keep on going endlessly. I like to take “the road that is less travelled by”, which challenges me in the process of its completion.

Being around designers, I realised learning has no end, and one lifetime is not sufficient to learn everything you want to. I believe that I like to make futuristic ideas practical with current technologies. I like working in an innovative environment and constantly exploring how a design should look and function.

So here I start my life’s journey.

I was so bad at my studies in my school days that my parents had to forcibly change my schools because I couldn’t cope with my studies.

Somehow I cleared 10th grade with just passing marks in mathematics.

But I was too good at sports and art and craft, so my parents got my admission to a college where I could play my favourite sport, which was basketball. Along with my studies, I started working as a receptionist in one showroom, thinking that my communication skills might improve. At least, I was happy that I was good at something. 

Most people feel that students who have secured above 80-90 per cent, will reach great heights in their career life. But this is not always true. Your percentage doesn’t always matter for your success.

As in my case, it was totally different. When I got 62 per cent in my 10th grade, there were my cousins who got 95 and more, so you can imagine what my family members thought of me. I even heard them whispering that somehow let her finish graduation at least. Then we will get her married off. She can manage the rest of her life in the kitchen.

Everyone in the family believed that this girl would reach no heights in this Life.

Because of this, my parents didn’t even keep an educational budget for my higher studies.

But destiny had stored something exceptional for me. After my 12th grade, I met with a bike accident for which an MRI scan was recommended. When I was put in that MRI scan machine (equipment), my life took a U-turn. 

Lying in that sliding tray and listening to that binaural beats activated a different part of my brain. The video of my entire life replayed in my mind. I felt that something inside me is telling me to grow. There was a scream inside me that I was not an ordinary person. I have come on this planet for an extraordinary Life. Life is too short, and I need to make it count each moment. I was now fully prepared mentally to give my Best. But didn’t know-how. 

After that MRI test, my mind started wandering in search of opportunities to grow. I met a friend who was an astrologer, who told me that my horoscope is very favourable for interior design. With this single idea, I started my journey. I joined a graduation course in Interior designing also, along with my regular graduation. Doing two courses along with a job made me realise how good a multi-tasker I was. Incredible!

But to my surprise, the best was yet to come.

On my convocation day, my authorities had announced that I was a subject topper of the university when I received the trophy along with a certificate on the stage.

Tears were rolling out of my mom’s eye. It was not a surprise. It was a shock for my mother.

Seeing my mother astonished over my transformation was the most happiest moment of my life.

During my interior designing, I came to know about digital designing. There was one French design school located in Pune that had only three seats all over Asia for lateral entry directly for the third year. Qualifying for this was yet, another challenge. I had sleepless nights thinking this was my only chance to pursue my passion. Somehow I discovered a class that helped students to crack the entrances for such design schools, and I managed to get a seat. Still, coping up with the other students was a task as I was directly admitted to the third year. In some way, I completed my professional masterclass with Bentley-USA and Pininfarina, Italy and secured my internship with HomeCentre, Dubai.

Meanwhile, I met many people who guided me with design and helped me build my portfolio for a PG course in London. When I was preparing for this, my mother challenged me, “get the admission and show me”. To her surprise, I secured admission to Kent University of London and successfully completed Masters in VFX. Then, there was no looking back.

I transformed myself by being suitable not only in sports but also in studies along with completing two distinct graduation degrees and three Masters degrees with earning my money in various design projects. I also wrote an inspirational book on my own life lessons named “What God Whispered in My Ears?”

Due to my potential in doing three totally different things at a time, I realised my hidden talents. All this happened only when I decided it was my life, so I would have to choose “the road where I want to travel” in that 2.5 hours in that MRI machine. This belief opened several avenues for a bright future for me, and I started joining the dots. These dots created a fabulous picture called “My Beautiful Life”.

This was the peak of my joy!

I realised that the greatest truth of life is that – “Your Mind plays an important role in shaping your life.”

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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